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Hi there, feline follow!

“Mirror, mirror on the wall”,  as the well known saying goes.Well, we have plenty of those chez nous.  There are mirrors in every room and this is great. However, some of them are placed a bit too high for us to use. So it is fantastic that we now also  have a “mirror mirror on the “FLOOR” which is actually much more interesting if you are a cat. You can study yourself in it each time you pass by, just for admiration purrr-poses in general. You can also use it  to check for instance  that your whiskers are spruce and lively, that your coat is smooth and gleaming, or that your smile is dazzling. Of course all four of us understand that it is ourselves we are looking at, not some mysteriously elusive cat-behind-the-mirror. We are smart as well as gorgeous to look at, you know…

The gold mirror is very  long and positioned beside the piano. It arrived a couple of weeks ago and I have been so fascinated by it that I quite forgot about my blog….. Sorry…..But it is good that I have something interesting to tell you about, right…

The floor  mirror has led to some interesting discussions between me and my brother Lord Tiger. Tiger started telling me that he had EMERALD GREEN EYES and everybody keeps admiring them because they are so green.

But I think that I also have emerald green eyes because my eyes are also green and also very beautiful .

Herkules says PURRR....

Lord Tiger giving you his best hypnotic stare

We really are both such look-alikes, aren’t we? So our mom is so fortunate that she has two cats with eyes the colour of a precious stone… And we are so happy to have a floorlength mirror to admire ourselves in EVERY time we pass by. I have even seen Lord Tiger gazing admiringly into the mirror while working out on the scratching post. Shame he lost his balance and landed with his bottom on the carpet…There is no risk this will happen to me as working out is not something I spend time on. Anything with the word W O R K is totally alien to me. Mention that word and my emerald green eyes will turn as black as jet in a second!

Go to go and check out my appearance in the mirror now. A visitor will be arriving shortly and I want to look my very best. I do so love getting compliments on my appearance , don’t you?


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Easter Fun!

Happy Easter to all my followers!

It is Easter which means lots of fun things to play with for us felines. In fact feathers attached to branches are ever so fascinating…. Here we see clever Sir Rufus ready to assist with the Easter decorating:



Sir Rufus is a very creative and acrobatic cat and here he demonstrates both these abilities. In fact he looks a bit like a kangarooo….He often hops around like one too…

Anyway,  Rufus decided that those green feathers would look better spread out on top of the tablecloth than attached to the branches off an old tree! I think it took him three minutes to carry out his mission! Lord Tiger watched admiringly but did not take part. He was more interested in posing for the camera sporting a yellow Easter bow. Here is his best shot in true Top model style:


Our little Easter bunny-always cute and sweet as honey!

Charlie was also keen to take part in the Easter photoshoot. Here he is wearing a delightful Easter card accompanied by an Easter egg:20140418_110807

Speaking of eggs I am beginning to feel a bit peckish. It was AGES since I had my dinner.  A nice raw egg yolk would suit me purrfectly right now. I hear Mom scrambling some eggs in the kitchen so better be off before she stars baking and all those lovely eggs will have disappeared.

Happy Easter!


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PURRRRRR  to all my feline followers!

I bet you all want to know more about the mysterious TIGER that appeared here on my page!

Was he just part of Sir Rufus’s Dream or was he for real?

Well, to cut a very looooooong story short Lord Tiger first put in appearance in our home at the end of last October. He arrived late at night together with our MOM on All Saint’s Day.  I remember it all perfectly….

We  were all lying fast asleep in the dark while our Mom was off visiting  her buddy Anders who lives close by. Before she left she promised us a BIG SURPRISE for the weekend! Ha, we sure didn’t expect the surprise to be  a large silver grey and white striped  cat with large emerald green eyes!!!! A mini tiger who roared. And he roared most of the night. But we were all very well behaved and didn’t start to fight with him.  Charlie was the one who showed his teeth and spouted some fire but I was too tired to start investigating, and Sir Rufus reverted to his diplomatic aloof- slightly -interested -mode. We – the Three Mousketeers-  silently agreed to wait until morning to find out what this cat was doing in our home.

Morning came and after breakfast which was served separately to Lord Tiger we were formally introduced. Lord Tiger was to live with us for a couple of weeks to see if we would all get along. He had been staying at the same shelter as Sir Rufus but then Anders had taken a fancy to him and taken him home. However, his black Oriental Madonna in Residence was not the playful kind so Lord Tiger was of course bored and Anders felt it was not the right home for him. Our Mom had met Lord Tiger at the shelter and had thought he might suit in our home but Anders had apparently snitched him right under her nose!!!

Lord Tiger more or less immediately made himself at home and we all got to know each other during the weekend. There was some hissing and staring while crossing paths, some proud and bushy tails being displayed but otherwise we managed to eat a few meals together without any fracas. Come bedtime we all slept like Lambs, , tired after all the excitement of having a new feline in our home. 1467470_10151982720642290_86580211_n


After we had eaten a hearty breakfast on the Sunday morning  I- being Top Cat – had a long conversation with Lord Tiger  where I explained the rules in our home. Lord Tiger , being a smart and intelligent fellow feline listened intently and by the end of the day we were all able to hang out together in the same room without any tensions.

In fact I must admit we found it all pretty exciting!

So Lord Tiger is in fact very real!  And after  a few  more days it felt like the spunky racoontailed little fellow had more or less always been a part of our family….

Of course Mom  adopted him after a couple of weeks and we were  all delighted about this happy event. Sir Rufus and Tiger spend a lot of time wrestling and I and Tiger have long and lovely grooming sessions. Charlie and Tiger often play hide and seek and chase each other from room to room with carpets flying  and tails swishing in delight. Anders comes to visit fairly often and Tiger and he  love headbutting each other. In fact, Lord Tiger always welcomes Mom with some major headbutting when she comes home from work or from shopping. Headbutting two-legged ones seems to be his thing, the Little Rascal!


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The Lion and the Unicorn

Today I am going to entertain you with a little story about Sir Rufus and his unicorn dream. It has a bit of a surprise ending which makes it all the more fun!

Sir Rufus was very tiredlast Sunday  after having enjoyed   a lovely lunch. In fact he had eaten both his own portion and half of mine so his belly was really full.  So Rufus decided to lie down on the couch, cuddling up to his favourite cushion, the one with the large white unicorn.


Suddenly Rufus heard a melodious voice whisper in his ear: ” Hello, precious one, how about letting me have the crown for a while now. You took it but I  can’t see that you are ever wearing it. And it would look much better on me…”

 Sir Rufus began to wonder if he was going slightly mad because cushions don’t usually speak , now do they? But the unicorns lips were moving and he began  stretching his long legs and shaking  his mane in an alarming manner ,  so Sir Rufus- who wasn’t the bravest of old sports , decided to recite a poem he knew in order to buy some time:

The lion and the unicorn were fighting for the crown
The lion beat the unicorn all around the town.
Some gave them white bread, and some gave them brown;
Some gave them plum cake and drummed them out of town.


The unicorn began to swish his tail and look even more irritated so Sir Rufus quickly said: “I am NOT the lion that took the crown away from you. He was much bigger than me. Have you ever seen me wearing a crown, Sir Unicorn?”

The unicorn had to admit that he thought it strange that Sir Rufus never wore the crown after having fought so hard to get it. Sir Rufus licked one of his front paws slowly and then he said in an innocent voice “I have never worn a crown but I have heard it said that crowns  are so very uncomfortable to have on one’s head . I guess the poor lion suffers from  a headache every time he wears it.You, Sir Unicorn, look so very regal in yourself that you do not need a crown.”

The unicorn began to feel flattered and looked admiringly at Sir Rufus. What a smart little lion he was! But he was badly in need of some styling advice , thought the unicorn.  He decided to start by giving him a little bath in order to make his lovely red coat glisten. Sir Rufus enjoyed this at first but after a few minutes felt that the unicorn had quite a large and  very wet tongue so he carefully raised his front paw to tell him to take a pause- in the politest possible way, of course. But when he opened his eyes he found that the unicorn had turned into A TIGER!

Lord Tiger

And exactly who the tiger is I will tell you in my next post!


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Hi there, my feline followers!

Today I  found  a book on astrology  lying on the couch and by chance got my paws on the LEO page. Or I should say “pages” because there was A LOT of interesting stuff in the book about this regal star sign. I suddenly realized that we are sharing our home with a LEO so I continued reading as I wanted to learn more about our marmalade pumpkin of a  little brother.

Yes, you guessed correctly- Sir Rufus is a LEO feline. And after reading the astro facts about these dudes they certainly need keeping an eye on!

I remember the very first time SIr Rufus  saw me and Charlie  he fluffed  up his tail so he looked twice his size in an attempt to impress us with his leonine airs! Of course this didn’t impress us much but it was funny to see a little kitty trying to look like a big kitty. BTW Charlie’s black tail is way longer than Little Rufus’ racoonish we tail!

Leo cats are born between July 23 and August and are ruled by the sun. They love GOLD and the colour of marmalade and pumpkins. Yes, Rufus certainly makes a pretty picture spread out in golden splendour on the velvet cushions:


Leos enjoy entertaining guests and being the object of admiring comments and luxurious gifts. Well I don’t really mind as I prefer to keep myself to myself. LIttle Leo Rufus adores working a room full of two-legged ones with his charming ways. And since  Leo cats always want to look their best you’d better keep a high quality set of grooming tools in tip top condition , Mom! Compliments on their well groomed appearance always warms a Leo’s heart!

Leo Rufus is also quite a demanding little kitty and if he is hungry yo can hear him in a loud voice demanding  his breakfast,lunch or dinner NOW. Rufus in true Leo style only likes high quality food. Served in an elegant china bowl  of course! His very own of course!

Since Leos are jungle cats they need lots of tall scratching posts and interesting climbing areas to keep them happy. Fortunately we have three scratching posts and a tall bookcase for climbing expeditions. Rufus is very inventive and enjoys exploring his domain in a daring fashion…

Leos enjoy showing of their dramatic side. They TAKE PLEASURE in  staring at you with large luminous eyes before taking a flying leap into the air or swinging themselves vigorously round and round a scratching pole . Rufus is an expert at drawing attention to himself, a little drama Queen…..

Speaking of royalty…In the astrobook it says “Leo is a fiery masculine sign of kitty royalty. The males are kings and the females are queens and everyone in their domain their loyal subjects.”WELL-

“Dream on SIr Rufus”  because the king of this castle is Don Herkules!

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I a soooo excited because our MOM has just received

a TAROT deck in the mail!

What is that, you may ask?

Well, it’s  really just a number of cards in a box accompanied by a little book on how to “read ” the cards. The cards are quite large and have different scenes painted on their fronts, but their backs all look the same. There are a lot of different decks to choose from and each  deck also has  a name- but we wont bother about that right now.  However, I might mention that I chose this particular deck because I was bored with my MOM staring at different tarot decks so I put my paw on the keyboard so this one  dropped into the online shopping cart…Our MOM really needed some help to reach a decision so “Handy Herk” decided to take matters between his two front paws…

TAROT cards may look “ordinary” but as I see it they are “magical” and anything with the word “magic” really makes my whiskers quiver in positive anticipation. As you all know I am  the “MAGICAL MYSTERY CAT” so learning some tarot stuff feels really up my street.

Incidentally, I have read on the internet that some two-legged ones do professional tarot card readings so I thought to myself-

How difficult can this  be?”

Maybe I can try my paws at it and perhaps even earn some cash for some TASTY TREATS


Magically awesome idea!  Come to think of it  I bet there are CATS out there that really would appreciate being given a tarot reading by a smart  feline like me!  Perhaps even DOGS  would ask for my services….

But let’s get back to the here and now before that nosy Sir Rufus wakes up!

I am going  to  push the box of cards  off the coffee table so that I can have a good look at them. DONE!

Gosh, there are  sooooo many! How long time will it take to read all the different meanings of these cards? 

But I quickly decide to ignore the book and grab a card- one with a BIG cat on it!

It is  called 



WOW! I REALLY  LIKE this card. Of course – it shows an attractive  lady and a handsome feline, mirroring  me and my MOM!

We both look strong, confident and full of energy. Ok, the lion might not be striped like me……in fact it really looks more like Sir Rufus than my good self, but still it is a FELINE and that is what is important here. It shows that  the lady has the strength and courage of a lion  and MOST IMPORTANTLY-   that she has the good sense to enjoy feline company. She looks very free and happy and the wand makes her look powerful and ready for action.

The lady reminds me of my  MOM either holding a  cat  amusement  wand, a wooden spoon , or  her riding crop . These symbolize  her three main interests: entertaining us cats, baking cakes ,  and riding dressage.

There is also a BIG BIRD up above. Now birds don’t impress me all that much but this is an EAGLE  and this probably means that the Queen of Wands is an inspiring and daring visionary since she is able to look at stuff from a bird’s eye perspective. Jolly useful I’d say. I also love the three balls and the fact that Mr Leo has caught one of them…Clever cat!


But I think I did pretty well, don’t you? I might well become an expert with a bit more practise. And then you are all welcome to book me for a reading!

Gosh, I am very  HUNGRY!

I need to get to the kitchen and interrupt my MOM in her baking session so that I get my dinner.

Tell that  QUEEN OF WANDS to  drop that darned wooden spoon and dish up the Royal Canin!




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Last night as I was lying  all curled up and cosying  with my MOM, dreaming sweet dreams of birds and stuff when

SUDDENLY we were woken by these strange and weird sounds…..


Miaaaaau-miaAAAAAAU! Miau!


MOM and I lay dead still at first, midway between sleep and awake state, ready to go right back to sleep if the sounds stopped. But they continued, and a wee bit louder as well,  accompanied by

scratching on furniture,

pawing on the carpet and

running across the hall…..

WHO was it? WHAT was it?  Was it a ghost?



It was SIR RIFUS having some early morning fun! With a new hobby! Singing!

I thought he was crazy wanting to get up that early but we are all different , we cats!  He is obviously  an Early Bird while I am a Night Owl.

And Charlie is a bit of both! A Night Bird !!!! He  sometimes enjoys playing with a table tennis ball in the bath tub at midnight or having a race from room to room at 2 a.m. At other times he has wild magic carpet rides at around noon or playing with a catnip toy, tossing it high up into the air at 5 o’clock afternoon  tea time.Quite entertaining if you are in the mood for some innovative sound effects…

But let us continue with the escapades of Sir Rufus!

Sir Rufus really enjoyed waking us up. I could tell because when he heard us moving  around  in the bed  he immediately came running and squeezed himself between me and my Mom. Then  he started pushing at me with his back paws so I went into  a BIG “tabby cat born in July sulk! “Cheeky little devil! He needs to be put in his place and learn to respect my rest and my place on MOM’s arm at night!



And how did he react?

He winked ar me and then he jumped off the bed and  started running around at full speed  singing at the top of his rather cute  but ANNOYING  little tenor voice!

I guess you could say that Sir Rufus has “found his voice” but I wish he would express his vocal skills during the daytime instead of when the rest of us are trying to enjoy a good night’s sleep!


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Purr to all my furry followers!

BING  the marmalade cat has now adopted our MOM! And me and Charlie as well!

We are flattered and delighted  that the lordly one has taken such a fancy to us all!

Here he is being chummy with two of our teddy bears. He is a very sociable feline:


He also has a new name chosen by our MOM- Bing is now SIR RUFUS! Apparently Rufus means “redhaired” so little one is well named since he is cinnamon coloured. He is spotted and striped  so I think he should have been called “Spots and Stripes” LOL! However, our MOM admired my creativity but she didn’t think that was an easy  name to have to say every time she spoke to him! So after some deliberation she narrowed all the name suggestions down to two- Sir Rufus and Sir Russell. And when she called them out Bing responded to Sir Rufus but not to Sir Russell so thus he got to choose his own name. Clever!

He has kept us all pretty busy since he is a VERY active and playful little guy. He likes to play hide and seek with Charlie! They certainly make the carpets fly I can tell you. 

I will write more about our fun and games in my next post. I have to go and help Mom in the kitchen with something REALLY important. Can’t keep her wating now can I?

Just to round off -here is a video with a singer called Chaka Khan and her group called Rufus! I think that the lyrics perfectly sum up how easily this adoption took place.


Lots of purrs


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Hi there, feline followers!

Been unable to blog because we have had a guest in our home these past 10 days. And first the guest was sick and then ´me and Charlie Chaplin needed to take our time to get too know him…

Here he is:




He is rather cute for a youngster, don’t you agree? His name is Bing but our Mom says he needs a new name, a name with more class. Because he sure is classy even though he comes from a local shelter.

Bing has very nice manners and he and I are now real good mates. He was very respectful towards me as you should be towards the top cat in the house. He kept his distance until I invited him to come closer. We have shared  Mom’s bed a few times,one on each side of her, and this went really well.

I was really  worried because  little one refused all kinds of food for the first four days. Mom was very upset- she thought he hated her cooking, her home and herself.

But it turned out he had gastric flu! The whole shelter had gastric flu but the staff didn’t realize this until Bing had come to stay at our place. Anyway all cats seem to be healthy and happy again, thank goodness. And I and Charlie didn’t pick up the bug, thank goodness. Bing is now happily munching away on his favourite Royal Canin Main Coon dry food and he has even tested strawberry yoghurt and a little butter off a sandwich. He sees me trying something that Mom likes and then he must try it as well.

Charlie is not that keen on Bing but he is warming up. There was a bit of hissing and quite a few angry staring matches for the first few days but these are now less frequent. Bing wants to play with Charlie but Charlie is a bit standoffish. VERY serious and dignfied. Charlie needs to loosen up a bit and play with Bing. Bing has loads of energy. You should see him hide behind doors and corners and then suddenly shoot out, frightening the life out of poor Charlie! It is very entertaining to watch.

I am definately gonna get busy with Bing because I don’t want to go on a low calorie diet which Mom has threatened me with if I don’t start moving around more. But hey, it’s winter, and you need to lie still and chill out so that you are alert and in shape for the Spring and all those twittering birds, right?


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PURRRR  everybody!

I have been SOOOO  busy taking in January 2013 in LAID BACK style, feline followers! Thus there haven’t been any posts from me to you here lately…

I have enjoyed  the festive season with lots of fun, games, eats and treats together with Charlie and my MOM. Been made a big fuss over by Mom and her friends who recognize me for the handsome and brilliant feline that I am! And I am happy to report that SANTA DID ARRIVE acording to schedule!Brought some lovely pressies too!


But please don’t feel neglected because here I am again-HERKULES HAPPY PAWS  ready to damce on the keyboard for your amusement!

My paws are particularly happy this evening because I have just partaken of some DELICIOUS  food from a great chef called MrScience Hill. MOM popped down to the pet supermarket  earlier today – which was jolly nice of her seeing that the weather was horrible- cold, gray and icy!!!

I think she is a really SUPER housekeeper who always goes that extra mile to keep me and Charlie happy. In fact I think I’ll slip a few extra coins in her piggy bank to keep her happy and on the go! Mind you, i bet she’ll waste it all on some new album or book about Michael King of Pop Jackson or on some boring riding gear…

Anyways, forget about singers and horses! Back to really important stuff- FOOD! Mr Hill had produced a dainty dish of tender chunks of chicken in gravy. And our Mom served it in our new white dishes. Quite a feast on a gray old January evening!

It was soooo good we immediately licked upp ALL the gravy and devoured every morsel of the meat. And  I  happened to spy with my little eye that there was some food  left in the packet so I immediately got to work on my MOM’s legs- stroking myself against them and looking up at her with adoring emerald green eyes. I did all the work while Charlie sat washing his face- but we BOTH got a second helping!

This is what my dish looked liek after I had finished eating:


Well, you can’t say I didn’t do the dishes…..

That Chef Hill must have had a really inspired moment in the kitchen because he made 12 packets of the tender chunks stuff. Some with turkey and some with chicken.And then he packed them all neatly into a cardboard box and one of those boxes is now chez moi!

I am looking forward to trying the turkey tomorrow,

At least we cats get to eat turkey all the uear round, not like the two legged ones who only get to eat it around December time!

Must go to bed now as I am  VERY  full up and VERY sleepy!

Sweet tender chunky dreams!