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Taking the Reins

Whoo-ha to you all, my loyal followers!

I am currently watching a horse doing some funny moves on the TV-screen. Right now it’s busy lifting one hoof slowly in the air, setting it down slowly, and then doing the same thing all over again while a lot of two-legged ones are clapping enthusiastically. Really, it’s a shame seeing a carrot muncher degrading himself in this way! Horses should have more pride and learn from us cats how to train their humans, instead of letting themselves be “dressaged” as it’s so fancily called…..

Here is a painting of a “showjumper” that ought to be in every arena to remind horses of their Inner Power:


I think this horse put on a lovely show, don’t you?

Which reminds me that it is time to take up the reins and launch myself into the Chinese New Year which just happens to be the Year of the Horse! But I guess you all knew that already, right?

It’s been the Chinese New Year since the first full moon at the end of January so by now we have all had a chance to feel its energies. A year of horsing around in lucky colours red , green and purple, sporting a jasmine buttonhole while playing on the horses marked with lucky numbers 3, 4 or 9, indulging in fun and games and adventures and making some fast decisions is what I understand it is all about.

Well, I am all for fast decisions- if I don’t like something up comes my Mighty Paw Mighty Quick! Lord Tiger got quite a surprise the other day when I EFFECTIVELY AND RAPIDLY took control over a new feathered wand…

And as for fun and games- we have plenty of those at our place being 4 lively Mouseketeers….

Sir Rufus is very good at thinking up new ways of moving stuff around and hiding things in unexpected places. Hiding behind doors and suddenly appearing is also one of his favourite passtimes.

Charlie Chaplin is our racehorse and he has incredible speed once he gets going. He is excellent at navigating- things in the living room often swing and sway dangerously once he starts galloping at maximum speed, but rarely does anything fall down and break…..And if it does we all BELIEVE it’s because bits and bobs ACTUALLY WANT to drop and break…. They were just waiting for a gentle nudge….

WOW ! Just found this painting as I was surfing the web. I want to be this feline imperial rider!!! I want to get my horse to stand up on two legs at my command and look fierce.

napoleon bonacat

Sorry, feline followers, but I must be off on a moonlight canter now. But first I must dive into the warderobe and dig out a red or green riding jacket, preferrably with a number 3 or 4 on it. I must also sport a sprig of jasmine in my lapel. My steed of choice will be a stuffed toy unicorn who lives in the bedroom windowseat who I am sure is ready for a lark! Then I will be all set for a bit of cross country in the bedroom where I am gonna enjoy bounding across my Mom’s legs over and over again, rearing up all ready to go-go on my enchanted imaginary steed, my feathered wand held victoriously in the air.

It will sure be a wild ride- and a wonderful way of starting off the New Year in the spirit of the horse! Wooohaa!!!!

HERKULES Riding Master extraordinaire



MONDAY MORNING BLUES   Mum frantically looking for her shoes, Rushing hither and thither, Checking her makeup in the mirror. Keys, cash and bag in hand,  Blowing us kisses, off to workland! Ba…




Who is bossing the housekeeper around?  jumping up on the bookcase,                                                            demanding lots of attention? It’s Sir Rufus, of course, my ador…


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Our dearly beloved HERKULES

is now on the other side together with his sister SelmaViktoria.

He developed breathing difficulties on the 1st of November and was put to sleep on November the 3d at approximately  3 pm  at the local animal hospital. He had a massive amount of water on his lungs so there was little chance of his getting any better.

Herkules was with his beloved mum/housekeeper for the past 15 years, a beloved companion, soulmate and eternal source of COMFORT and JOY! His favourite time of day was when his mum went to bed so he could snuggle up on her arm and with a smile on his face fall fast asleep and dream beautiful dreams about good food, comfy sofas and warming sunshine,.

Herkules was a Norwegian Forrest Cat cross with a strong chin, triangular face and of course the most fantastic slanting emerald green Eyes. He and SelmaViktoria had their battles but I think they secretly admired each other.

We want to thank you  Herkules for accepting us Sir Rufus and Lord Tiger so graciously into our home.

We love you and miss you forever and you will Always have a special Place in our HEARTS!





And LORD TIGER has promised to keep up this blog in fond memory of you,

HerkulesThe MagicalMysteryCat!

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Hi there, feline follow!

“Mirror, mirror on the wall”,  as the well known saying goes.Well, we have plenty of those chez nous.  There are mirrors in every room and this is great. However, some of them are placed a bit too high for us to use. So it is fantastic that we now also  have a “mirror mirror on the “FLOOR” which is actually much more interesting if you are a cat. You can study yourself in it each time you pass by, just for admiration purrr-poses in general. You can also use it  to check for instance  that your whiskers are spruce and lively, that your coat is smooth and gleaming, or that your smile is dazzling. Of course all four of us understand that it is ourselves we are looking at, not some mysteriously elusive cat-behind-the-mirror. We are smart as well as gorgeous to look at, you know…

The gold mirror is very  long and positioned beside the piano. It arrived a couple of weeks ago and I have been so fascinated by it that I quite forgot about my blog….. Sorry…..But it is good that I have something interesting to tell you about, right…

The floor  mirror has led to some interesting discussions between me and my brother Lord Tiger. Tiger started telling me that he had EMERALD GREEN EYES and everybody keeps admiring them because they are so green.

But I think that I also have emerald green eyes because my eyes are also green and also very beautiful .

Herkules says PURRR....

Lord Tiger giving you his best hypnotic stare

We really are both such look-alikes, aren’t we? So our mom is so fortunate that she has two cats with eyes the colour of a precious stone… And we are so happy to have a floorlength mirror to admire ourselves in EVERY time we pass by. I have even seen Lord Tiger gazing admiringly into the mirror while working out on the scratching post. Shame he lost his balance and landed with his bottom on the carpet…There is no risk this will happen to me as working out is not something I spend time on. Anything with the word W O R K is totally alien to me. Mention that word and my emerald green eyes will turn as black as jet in a second!

Go to go and check out my appearance in the mirror now. A visitor will be arriving shortly and I want to look my very best. I do so love getting compliments on my appearance , don’t you?


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Bewitched by the BubbleWitch!

Where have I been you may well wonder?

Well, so glad you all missed me and my witty views of this that and t’other but in fact I have not been ANYWHERE in particular. I have been enjoying lazy summer days Chez moi, busy hanging out with my family and friends. Busy of course checking on the housekeeper, keeping her busy with extra duties since she was free to work full time during the summer vacation.

But this would give me a lot of time to work on my blog then, wouldn’t it? That was of course my plan but…..well, read on, loyal feline friends….

The housekeeper decided to buy an Ipad just in time for my birthday. This was something that was up there right at the top of my wish list since the old laptop was beginning to sound like an old tractor and getting strange hangups EVERY DAY during the wonderful month of May! Not good for my ears or my nerves! Mumsy aka the housekeeper explained in great detail all about the magical benefits of the pad which would be so much easier for me to work on since I could just press down with my paws straight on to the screen. Anyway, ipad arrived, mumsy and ipad became fast and firm friends and I could not lay as much as a quarter of a Paw on it as she was virually glued to the thing day and night!

But then she started playing a computer game called BubbleWitch Saga 2! This looked really fun as there was a cute feline and a witch on the screen and lots of lovley bubbles which you had to burst in order to get ahead in the game. I was so excited about giving it a try…when

Lord Tiger and his cup of tea!
Lord Tiger and his cup of tea!

Lord Tiger discovered that gaming was his cup of tea! Look at his smug look! I hardly get a chance to get hold of the wretched ipad because both Mumsy and he are obsessed!



Lord Tiger is bewitched!
Lord Tiger is bewitched!

Beware of the BubbleWitch- she might get you guys hooked as well!

Managed to write this post while Lord Tiger was fast asleep….OH, HERE HE COMES….

See ya!


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Today I am busy solving a problem!

I love MY bed! As I guess you all do, but our housekeeeper/Mom needs to understand a thing or two, as I guess yours does too….

The BED- as you all probably know it’s THE best place to hang out in the afternoons  and to STREEEEEETCH out across  in the evenings and nights! It is warm and cosy and it certainly has so much more space than a silly little catbed! In fact Charlie, Lord Tiger and Sir Rufus all enjoy hanging out on the bed and since it is quite large there is room enough for all of us. Not that we wouldn’t like to go from Queen Size to KING Size but at least it has a Royal touch fitting for us cats who have the art of sleeping down to a Royal T!

Now on to the The UNROYAL invasion!

During the night my style gets a bit cramped because our Mom apparently thinks she has the right to invade MY space! What a cheek! These two-legged ones, if you give them a TINY piece of one of your claws they’ll take your entire PAW…. I let my Mom lie on the bed once or twice when I was a kitten and suddenly she had taken over  the pillows and the duvet as well. I thought Mom could lie on the very edge with half of her body draped halfway between the bed and the floor. I thought she would enjoy the experience of  , well, you know, floating …… feeling free and all that. But she did not enjoy the experience, she just tried to push herself further and further on to the bed…..Her long extremities are so disturbing and in the way- and Charlie really has to fight so he can lie on both pillows which means she gets pushed further down in the bed and there lie Lord Tiger and Sir Rufus trying to have a good night’s sleep! Honestly, I am so frustrated! Sometimes I lie on her arm and am busy dreaming sweet dreams and she suddenly decides to turn around, and my delicious dream turns from sweet to nightmare!



Well, Mom, since you like this hiccuping moonwalking screechy dude I have fixed a photo of myself as a BLUE GANGSTA:

Blue and smooth gangsta Herk
Blue and Smooth gangsta Herk

And now, Mom, while you go off to work I will have a nice and long relaxing snooze listening to The King of Pop’s latest offering for inspiration on how to deal with the space invader:

What you’re gonna do (What you’re gonna do do)
You ain’t no friend of mine (Look what you’ve put me through)
Look what you’ve put me through (What are you gonna do)
Now that I’m the blue gangsta (What you’re gonna do)

I will deal with you in a smooth but gangsterishly Royal way so that you will understand that half on and half off the bed is far better than ON THE FLOOR!

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Easter Fun!

Happy Easter to all my followers!

It is Easter which means lots of fun things to play with for us felines. In fact feathers attached to branches are ever so fascinating…. Here we see clever Sir Rufus ready to assist with the Easter decorating:



Sir Rufus is a very creative and acrobatic cat and here he demonstrates both these abilities. In fact he looks a bit like a kangarooo….He often hops around like one too…

Anyway,  Rufus decided that those green feathers would look better spread out on top of the tablecloth than attached to the branches off an old tree! I think it took him three minutes to carry out his mission! Lord Tiger watched admiringly but did not take part. He was more interested in posing for the camera sporting a yellow Easter bow. Here is his best shot in true Top model style:


Our little Easter bunny-always cute and sweet as honey!

Charlie was also keen to take part in the Easter photoshoot. Here he is wearing a delightful Easter card accompanied by an Easter egg:20140418_110807

Speaking of eggs I am beginning to feel a bit peckish. It was AGES since I had my dinner.  A nice raw egg yolk would suit me purrfectly right now. I hear Mom scrambling some eggs in the kitchen so better be off before she stars baking and all those lovely eggs will have disappeared.

Happy Easter!


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Talk about IRRITATING!
In our house we all want to enjoy sleeping in the early hours instead of being forced out of bed at an unearthly hour!!!!!

Apparently it’s all due to some daft old English two-legged one who liked getting up at the crack of dawn and wanted everyone else to share his obsession! Well, William- we wish you would have kept your stupid idea to yourself. But unfortunately you are dead and buried long time ago so we cannot tell you to your face what we felines think about Spring Forward! However, this wonderful Clock made us purr with delight but we guess that you would have detested it…

We LOVE the fact that the face of the Clock is reversed! But then, we are raised on Alice and her Adventures Through the Looking Glass and this has made us into anarchists! Blame it on our Mom!

Unfortunately, a state of shock still prevails in our house after Sunday’s time change. Our Mom overslept two mornings in a row and had to dash out of bed, throw herself in the shower, feed us and get her clothes on in one hell of a hurry! We feel really sorry for her because at least we can go back to bed and have a post breakfast snooze which she of course cannot do since she has to get off to work! Yesterday evening she was so tired she came home and had tea and scones and fed us that she fell asleep on the couch and slept for 2 hours! She didn’t even react to Charlie climbing all over her! And Charlie is a big cat!

We all hate it so much!

We and Sir Rufus long for October when the clocks go back to decent time again:

Meanwhile, enjoy going to bed one hour earlier instead.

Nightlight wasting time IS HERE !