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Our dearly beloved HERKULES

is now on the other side together with his sister SelmaViktoria.

He developed breathing difficulties on the 1st of November and was put to sleep on November the 3d at approximately  3 pm  at the local animal hospital. He had a massive amount of water on his lungs so there was little chance of his getting any better.

Herkules was with his beloved mum/housekeeper for the past 15 years, a beloved companion, soulmate and eternal source of COMFORT and JOY! His favourite time of day was when his mum went to bed so he could snuggle up on her arm and with a smile on his face fall fast asleep and dream beautiful dreams about good food, comfy sofas and warming sunshine,.

Herkules was a Norwegian Forrest Cat cross with a strong chin, triangular face and of course the most fantastic slanting emerald green Eyes. He and SelmaViktoria had their battles but I think they secretly admired each other.

We want to thank you  Herkules for accepting us Sir Rufus and Lord Tiger so graciously into our home.

We love you and miss you forever and you will Always have a special Place in our HEARTS!





And LORD TIGER has promised to keep up this blog in fond memory of you,

HerkulesThe MagicalMysteryCat!


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