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Hi there, feline follow!

“Mirror, mirror on the wall”,  as the well known saying goes.Well, we have plenty of those chez nous.  There are mirrors in every room and this is great. However, some of them are placed a bit too high for us to use. So it is fantastic that we now also  have a “mirror mirror on the “FLOOR” which is actually much more interesting if you are a cat. You can study yourself in it each time you pass by, just for admiration purrr-poses in general. You can also use it  to check for instance  that your whiskers are spruce and lively, that your coat is smooth and gleaming, or that your smile is dazzling. Of course all four of us understand that it is ourselves we are looking at, not some mysteriously elusive cat-behind-the-mirror. We are smart as well as gorgeous to look at, you know…

The gold mirror is very  long and positioned beside the piano. It arrived a couple of weeks ago and I have been so fascinated by it that I quite forgot about my blog….. Sorry…..But it is good that I have something interesting to tell you about, right…

The floor  mirror has led to some interesting discussions between me and my brother Lord Tiger. Tiger started telling me that he had EMERALD GREEN EYES and everybody keeps admiring them because they are so green.

But I think that I also have emerald green eyes because my eyes are also green and also very beautiful .

Herkules says PURRR....

Lord Tiger giving you his best hypnotic stare

We really are both such look-alikes, aren’t we? So our mom is so fortunate that she has two cats with eyes the colour of a precious stone… And we are so happy to have a floorlength mirror to admire ourselves in EVERY time we pass by. I have even seen Lord Tiger gazing admiringly into the mirror while working out on the scratching post. Shame he lost his balance and landed with his bottom on the carpet…There is no risk this will happen to me as working out is not something I spend time on. Anything with the word W O R K is totally alien to me. Mention that word and my emerald green eyes will turn as black as jet in a second!

Go to go and check out my appearance in the mirror now. A visitor will be arriving shortly and I want to look my very best. I do so love getting compliments on my appearance , don’t you?