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Bewitched by the BubbleWitch!

Where have I been you may well wonder?

Well, so glad you all missed me and my witty views of this that and t’other but in fact I have not been ANYWHERE in particular. I have been enjoying lazy summer days Chez moi, busy hanging out with my family and friends. Busy of course checking on the housekeeper, keeping her busy with extra duties since she was free to work full time during the summer vacation.

But this would give me a lot of time to work on my blog then, wouldn’t it? That was of course my plan but…..well, read on, loyal feline friends….

The housekeeper decided to buy an Ipad just in time for my birthday. This was something that was up there right at the top of my wish list since the old laptop was beginning to sound like an old tractor and getting strange hangups EVERY DAY during the wonderful month of May! Not good for my ears or my nerves! Mumsy aka the housekeeper explained in great detail all about the magical benefits of the pad which would be so much easier for me to work on since I could just press down with my paws straight on to the screen. Anyway, ipad arrived, mumsy and ipad became fast and firm friends and I could not lay as much as a quarter of a Paw on it as she was virually glued to the thing day and night!

But then she started playing a computer game called BubbleWitch Saga 2! This looked really fun as there was a cute feline and a witch on the screen and lots of lovley bubbles which you had to burst in order to get ahead in the game. I was so excited about giving it a try…when

Lord Tiger and his cup of tea!
Lord Tiger and his cup of tea!

Lord Tiger discovered that gaming was his cup of tea! Look at his smug look! I hardly get a chance to get hold of the wretched ipad because both Mumsy and he are obsessed!



Lord Tiger is bewitched!
Lord Tiger is bewitched!

Beware of the BubbleWitch- she might get you guys hooked as well!

Managed to write this post while Lord Tiger was fast asleep….OH, HERE HE COMES….

See ya!



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