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Today I am busy solving a problem!

I love MY bed! As I guess you all do, but our housekeeeper/Mom needs to understand a thing or two, as I guess yours does too….

The BED- as you all probably know it’s THE best place to hang out in the afternoons  and to STREEEEEETCH out across  in the evenings and nights! It is warm and cosy and it certainly has so much more space than a silly little catbed! In fact Charlie, Lord Tiger and Sir Rufus all enjoy hanging out on the bed and since it is quite large there is room enough for all of us. Not that we wouldn’t like to go from Queen Size to KING Size but at least it has a Royal touch fitting for us cats who have the art of sleeping down to a Royal T!

Now on to the The UNROYAL invasion!

During the night my style gets a bit cramped because our Mom apparently thinks she has the right to invade MY space! What a cheek! These two-legged ones, if you give them a TINY piece of one of your claws they’ll take your entire PAW…. I let my Mom lie on the bed once or twice when I was a kitten and suddenly she had taken over  the pillows and the duvet as well. I thought Mom could lie on the very edge with half of her body draped halfway between the bed and the floor. I thought she would enjoy the experience of  , well, you know, floating …… feeling free and all that. But she did not enjoy the experience, she just tried to push herself further and further on to the bed…..Her long extremities are so disturbing and in the way- and Charlie really has to fight so he can lie on both pillows which means she gets pushed further down in the bed and there lie Lord Tiger and Sir Rufus trying to have a good night’s sleep! Honestly, I am so frustrated! Sometimes I lie on her arm and am busy dreaming sweet dreams and she suddenly decides to turn around, and my delicious dream turns from sweet to nightmare!



Well, Mom, since you like this hiccuping moonwalking screechy dude I have fixed a photo of myself as a BLUE GANGSTA:

Blue and smooth gangsta Herk
Blue and Smooth gangsta Herk

And now, Mom, while you go off to work I will have a nice and long relaxing snooze listening to The King of Pop’s latest offering for inspiration on how to deal with the space invader:

What you’re gonna do (What you’re gonna do do)
You ain’t no friend of mine (Look what you’ve put me through)
Look what you’ve put me through (What are you gonna do)
Now that I’m the blue gangsta (What you’re gonna do)

I will deal with you in a smooth but gangsterishly Royal way so that you will understand that half on and half off the bed is far better than ON THE FLOOR!