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Easter Fun!

Happy Easter to all my followers!

It is Easter which means lots of fun things to play with for us felines. In fact feathers attached to branches are ever so fascinating…. Here we see clever Sir Rufus ready to assist with the Easter decorating:



Sir Rufus is a very creative and acrobatic cat and here he demonstrates both these abilities. In fact he looks a bit like a kangarooo….He often hops around like one too…

Anyway,  Rufus decided that those green feathers would look better spread out on top of the tablecloth than attached to the branches off an old tree! I think it took him three minutes to carry out his mission! Lord Tiger watched admiringly but did not take part. He was more interested in posing for the camera sporting a yellow Easter bow. Here is his best shot in true Top model style:


Our little Easter bunny-always cute and sweet as honey!

Charlie was also keen to take part in the Easter photoshoot. Here he is wearing a delightful Easter card accompanied by an Easter egg:20140418_110807

Speaking of eggs I am beginning to feel a bit peckish. It was AGES since I had my dinner.  A nice raw egg yolk would suit me purrfectly right now. I hear Mom scrambling some eggs in the kitchen so better be off before she stars baking and all those lovely eggs will have disappeared.

Happy Easter!


banter, cats, felines, pets


Talk about IRRITATING!
In our house we all want to enjoy sleeping in the early hours instead of being forced out of bed at an unearthly hour!!!!!

Apparently it’s all due to some daft old English two-legged one who liked getting up at the crack of dawn and wanted everyone else to share his obsession! Well, William- we wish you would have kept your stupid idea to yourself. But unfortunately you are dead and buried long time ago so we cannot tell you to your face what we felines think about Spring Forward! However, this wonderful Clock made us purr with delight but we guess that you would have detested it…

We LOVE the fact that the face of the Clock is reversed! But then, we are raised on Alice and her Adventures Through the Looking Glass and this has made us into anarchists! Blame it on our Mom!

Unfortunately, a state of shock still prevails in our house after Sunday’s time change. Our Mom overslept two mornings in a row and had to dash out of bed, throw herself in the shower, feed us and get her clothes on in one hell of a hurry! We feel really sorry for her because at least we can go back to bed and have a post breakfast snooze which she of course cannot do since she has to get off to work! Yesterday evening she was so tired she came home and had tea and scones and fed us that she fell asleep on the couch and slept for 2 hours! She didn’t even react to Charlie climbing all over her! And Charlie is a big cat!

We all hate it so much!

We and Sir Rufus long for October when the clocks go back to decent time again:

Meanwhile, enjoy going to bed one hour earlier instead.

Nightlight wasting time IS HERE !