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Taking the Reins

Whoo-ha to you all, my loyal followers!

I am currently watching a horse doing some funny moves on the TV-screen. Right now it’s busy lifting one hoof slowly in the air, setting it down slowly, and then doing the same thing all over again while a lot of two-legged ones are clapping enthusiastically. Really, it’s a shame seeing a carrot muncher degrading himself in this way! Horses should have more pride and learn from us cats how to train their humans, instead of letting themselves be “dressaged” as it’s so fancily called…..

Here is a painting of a “showjumper” that ought to be in every arena to remind horses of their Inner Power:


I think this horse put on a lovely show, don’t you?

Which reminds me that it is time to take up the reins and launch myself into the Chinese New Year which just happens to be the Year of the Horse! But I guess you all knew that already, right?

It’s been the Chinese New Year since the first full moon at the end of January so by now we have all had a chance to feel its energies. A year of horsing around in lucky colours red , green and purple, sporting a jasmine buttonhole while playing on the horses marked with lucky numbers 3, 4 or 9, indulging in fun and games and adventures and making some fast decisions is what I understand it is all about.

Well, I am all for fast decisions- if I don’t like something up comes my Mighty Paw Mighty Quick! Lord Tiger got quite a surprise the other day when I EFFECTIVELY AND RAPIDLY took control over a new feathered wand…

And as for fun and games- we have plenty of those at our place being 4 lively Mouseketeers….

Sir Rufus is very good at thinking up new ways of moving stuff around and hiding things in unexpected places. Hiding behind doors and suddenly appearing is also one of his favourite passtimes.
Charlie Chaplin is our racehorse and he has incredible speed once he gets going. He is excellent at navigating- things in the living room often swing and sway dangerously once he starts galloping at maximum speed, but rarely does anything fall down and break…..And if it does we all BELIEVE it’s because bits and bobs ACTUALLY WANT to drop and break…. They were just waiting for a gentle nudge….

WOW ! Just found this painting as I was surfing the web. I want to be this feline imperial rider!!! I want to get my horse to stand up on two legs at my command and look fierce.

napoleon bonacat

Sorry, feline followers, but I must be off on a moonlight canter now. But first I must dive into the warderobe and dig out a red or green riding jacket, preferrably with a number 3 or 4 on it. I must also sport a sprig of jasmine in my lapel. My steed of choice will be a stuffed toy unicorn who lives in the bedroom windowseat who I am sure is ready for a lark! Then I will be all set for a bit of cross country in the bedroom where I am gonna enjoy bounding across my Mom’s legs over and over again, rearing up all ready to go-go on my enchanted imaginary steed, my feathered wand held victoriously in the air.

It will sure be a wild ride- and a wonderful way of starting off the New Year in the spirit of the horse! Wooohaa!!!!

HERKULES Riding Master extraordinaire


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