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PURRRRRR  to all my feline followers!

I bet you all want to know more about the mysterious TIGER that appeared here on my page!

Was he just part of Sir Rufus’s Dream or was he for real?

Well, to cut a very looooooong story short Lord Tiger first put in appearance in our home at the end of last October. He arrived late at night together with our MOM on All Saint’s Day.  I remember it all perfectly….

We  were all lying fast asleep in the dark while our Mom was off visiting  her buddy Anders who lives close by. Before she left she promised us a BIG SURPRISE for the weekend! Ha, we sure didn’t expect the surprise to be  a large silver grey and white striped  cat with large emerald green eyes!!!! A mini tiger who roared. And he roared most of the night. But we were all very well behaved and didn’t start to fight with him.  Charlie was the one who showed his teeth and spouted some fire but I was too tired to start investigating, and Sir Rufus reverted to his diplomatic aloof- slightly -interested -mode. We – the Three Mousketeers-  silently agreed to wait until morning to find out what this cat was doing in our home.

Morning came and after breakfast which was served separately to Lord Tiger we were formally introduced. Lord Tiger was to live with us for a couple of weeks to see if we would all get along. He had been staying at the same shelter as Sir Rufus but then Anders had taken a fancy to him and taken him home. However, his black Oriental Madonna in Residence was not the playful kind so Lord Tiger was of course bored and Anders felt it was not the right home for him. Our Mom had met Lord Tiger at the shelter and had thought he might suit in our home but Anders had apparently snitched him right under her nose!!!

Lord Tiger more or less immediately made himself at home and we all got to know each other during the weekend. There was some hissing and staring while crossing paths, some proud and bushy tails being displayed but otherwise we managed to eat a few meals together without any fracas. Come bedtime we all slept like Lambs, , tired after all the excitement of having a new feline in our home. 1467470_10151982720642290_86580211_n


After we had eaten a hearty breakfast on the Sunday morning  I- being Top Cat – had a long conversation with Lord Tiger  where I explained the rules in our home. Lord Tiger , being a smart and intelligent fellow feline listened intently and by the end of the day we were all able to hang out together in the same room without any tensions.

In fact I must admit we found it all pretty exciting!

So Lord Tiger is in fact very real!  And after  a few  more days it felt like the spunky racoontailed little fellow had more or less always been a part of our family….

Of course Mom  adopted him after a couple of weeks and we were  all delighted about this happy event. Sir Rufus and Tiger spend a lot of time wrestling and I and Tiger have long and lovely grooming sessions. Charlie and Tiger often play hide and seek and chase each other from room to room with carpets flying  and tails swishing in delight. Anders comes to visit fairly often and Tiger and he  love headbutting each other. In fact, Lord Tiger always welcomes Mom with some major headbutting when she comes home from work or from shopping. Headbutting two-legged ones seems to be his thing, the Little Rascal!



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