I am in my usual January post- Christmassy blue mood! SMALL  wonder when you think about these things, guys:

The beloved  Christmas tree has dried up and been thrown out! Poor thing!

This means that there are no fun decorations to throw around and chase and no pretty Christmas lights to sit and watch during the dark winter evenings!

Santa Claus has been and gone and it’s almost a year til he visits again!

All the pressies have been opened so no more exciting hours spent wondering what was inside!

All the delicious food has been eaten up and now we are back to basic stuff !

Mom is back at work so we get woken dreadfully early during the weekdays.

I spend hours  listening to My Melancholy Blues

but perhaps it would be better if I changed tune so that I cheered up a bit…


I think I definately will now because our Mom says it’s such a great song that she’s inspired to get the piano tuned so she can play it herself! Can you imagine anything worse than listening to her slogging away trying to hit the right notes -which she will have a problem doing becoz it’s YEARS since she played properly….

In the past Charlie Chaplin had his ears assaulted by Rosemarie, our Mom’s Mom , who played childish stuff on the piano for him when she came catsitting

and he still has traumatic memories from these sessions….Well, we all of us heard old gammelmatte having a go at the piano keys but I hid under the bedclothes and Selma always stayed in the kitchen.

So in order to ensure no more hacking away at the piano , let’s play something with a guitar instead. Mom hasn’t got one of those, thank goodness…

So here is Marc Bolan with some of his characteristic guitatwork:

I am so happy coz I feel better already!

And there are clean sheets on the bed! Yipeeee!



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