Since I am a gourmet feline I want to share with you a previous delicacy that i wrote about a while back. SelmaViktoria , bless her, was still with us at the time but Sir Rufus was not yet a member of our family. But I can tell you he HATES this dish so all the more for me and Charlie!


Hellooo my feline followers!

The other day I was lying fast asleep in MY  bed when SUDDENLY there was a sound from the kitchen that made me open my eyes VERY quickly!

Could it be…might it be…..something smashing beginning with THE MAGICAL LETTER S?

MUST jump down off the lovely crisp and white comforter and check out what is going on! I don’t want to miss anything culinary  because it might just be one of my favourite dishes!!!

I decide to take a discreet peak, half hidden behind the kitchen door.


My MOM is standing at the kitchen table , a fork in one hand and a tin of SARDINES in tomato sauce in the other. There is a TANTALIZING smell of toast combined with the scent of those tomatoesque sardines.


My MOM suddenly turns her head-and our eyes lock. It is an intense moment when…

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Hi there, my feline followers!

Today I  found  a book on astrology  lying on the couch and by chance got my paws on the LEO page. Or I should say “pages” because there was A LOT of interesting stuff in the book about this regal star sign. I suddenly realized that we are sharing our home with a LEO so I continued reading as I wanted to learn more about our marmalade pumpkin of a  little brother.

Yes, you guessed correctly- Sir Rufus is a LEO feline. And after reading the astro facts about these dudes they certainly need keeping an eye on!

I remember the very first time SIr Rufus  saw me and Charlie  he fluffed  up his tail so he looked twice his size in an attempt to impress us with his leonine airs! Of course this didn’t impress us much but it was funny to see a little kitty trying to look like a big kitty. BTW Charlie’s black tail is way longer than Little Rufus’ racoonish we tail!

Leo cats are born between July 23 and August and are ruled by the sun. They love GOLD and the colour of marmalade and pumpkins. Yes, Rufus certainly makes a pretty picture spread out in golden splendour on the velvet cushions:


Leos enjoy entertaining guests and being the object of admiring comments and luxurious gifts. Well I don’t really mind as I prefer to keep myself to myself. LIttle Leo Rufus adores working a room full of two-legged ones with his charming ways. And since  Leo cats always want to look their best you’d better keep a high quality set of grooming tools in tip top condition , Mom! Compliments on their well groomed appearance always warms a Leo’s heart!

Leo Rufus is also quite a demanding little kitty and if he is hungry yo can hear him in a loud voice demanding  his breakfast,lunch or dinner NOW. Rufus in true Leo style only likes high quality food. Served in an elegant china bowl  of course! His very own of course!

Since Leos are jungle cats they need lots of tall scratching posts and interesting climbing areas to keep them happy. Fortunately we have three scratching posts and a tall bookcase for climbing expeditions. Rufus is very inventive and enjoys exploring his domain in a daring fashion…

Leos enjoy showing of their dramatic side. They TAKE PLEASURE in  staring at you with large luminous eyes before taking a flying leap into the air or swinging themselves vigorously round and round a scratching pole . Rufus is an expert at drawing attention to himself, a little drama Queen…..

Speaking of royalty…In the astrobook it says “Leo is a fiery masculine sign of kitty royalty. The males are kings and the females are queens and everyone in their domain their loyal subjects.”WELL-

“Dream on SIr Rufus”  because the king of this castle is Don Herkules!