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I a soooo excited because our MOM has just received

a TAROT deck in the mail!

What is that, you may ask?

Well, it’s  really just a number of cards in a box accompanied by a little book on how to “read ” the cards. The cards are quite large and have different scenes painted on their fronts, but their backs all look the same. There are a lot of different decks to choose from and each  deck also has  a name- but we wont bother about that right now.  However, I might mention that I chose this particular deck because I was bored with my MOM staring at different tarot decks so I put my paw on the keyboard so this one  dropped into the online shopping cart…Our MOM really needed some help to reach a decision so “Handy Herk” decided to take matters between his two front paws…

TAROT cards may look “ordinary” but as I see it they are “magical” and anything with the word “magic” really makes my whiskers quiver in positive anticipation. As you all know I am  the “MAGICAL MYSTERY CAT” so learning some tarot stuff feels really up my street.

Incidentally, I have read on the internet that some two-legged ones do professional tarot card readings so I thought to myself-

How difficult can this  be?”

Maybe I can try my paws at it and perhaps even earn some cash for some TASTY TREATS


Magically awesome idea!  Come to think of it  I bet there are CATS out there that really would appreciate being given a tarot reading by a smart  feline like me!  Perhaps even DOGS  would ask for my services….

But let’s get back to the here and now before that nosy Sir Rufus wakes up!

I am going  to  push the box of cards  off the coffee table so that I can have a good look at them. DONE!

Gosh, there are  sooooo many! How long time will it take to read all the different meanings of these cards? 

But I quickly decide to ignore the book and grab a card- one with a BIG cat on it!

It is  called 



WOW! I REALLY  LIKE this card. Of course – it shows an attractive  lady and a handsome feline, mirroring  me and my MOM!

We both look strong, confident and full of energy. Ok, the lion might not be striped like me……in fact it really looks more like Sir Rufus than my good self, but still it is a FELINE and that is what is important here. It shows that  the lady has the strength and courage of a lion  and MOST IMPORTANTLY-   that she has the good sense to enjoy feline company. She looks very free and happy and the wand makes her look powerful and ready for action.

The lady reminds me of my  MOM either holding a  cat  amusement  wand, a wooden spoon , or  her riding crop . These symbolize  her three main interests: entertaining us cats, baking cakes ,  and riding dressage.

There is also a BIG BIRD up above. Now birds don’t impress me all that much but this is an EAGLE  and this probably means that the Queen of Wands is an inspiring and daring visionary since she is able to look at stuff from a bird’s eye perspective. Jolly useful I’d say. I also love the three balls and the fact that Mr Leo has caught one of them…Clever cat!


But I think I did pretty well, don’t you? I might well become an expert with a bit more practise. And then you are all welcome to book me for a reading!

Gosh, I am very  HUNGRY!

I need to get to the kitchen and interrupt my MOM in her baking session so that I get my dinner.

Tell that  QUEEN OF WANDS to  drop that darned wooden spoon and dish up the Royal Canin!






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