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Last night as I was lying  all curled up and cosying  with my MOM, dreaming sweet dreams of birds and stuff when

SUDDENLY we were woken by these strange and weird sounds…..


Miaaaaau-miaAAAAAAU! Miau!


MOM and I lay dead still at first, midway between sleep and awake state, ready to go right back to sleep if the sounds stopped. But they continued, and a wee bit louder as well,  accompanied by

scratching on furniture,

pawing on the carpet and

running across the hall…..

WHO was it? WHAT was it?  Was it a ghost?



It was SIR RIFUS having some early morning fun! With a new hobby! Singing!

I thought he was crazy wanting to get up that early but we are all different , we cats!  He is obviously  an Early Bird while I am a Night Owl.

And Charlie is a bit of both! A Night Bird !!!! He  sometimes enjoys playing with a table tennis ball in the bath tub at midnight or having a race from room to room at 2 a.m. At other times he has wild magic carpet rides at around noon or playing with a catnip toy, tossing it high up into the air at 5 o’clock afternoon  tea time.Quite entertaining if you are in the mood for some innovative sound effects…

But let us continue with the escapades of Sir Rufus!

Sir Rufus really enjoyed waking us up. I could tell because when he heard us moving  around  in the bed  he immediately came running and squeezed himself between me and my Mom. Then  he started pushing at me with his back paws so I went into  a BIG “tabby cat born in July sulk! “Cheeky little devil! He needs to be put in his place and learn to respect my rest and my place on MOM’s arm at night!



And how did he react?

He winked ar me and then he jumped off the bed and  started running around at full speed  singing at the top of his rather cute  but ANNOYING  little tenor voice!

I guess you could say that Sir Rufus has “found his voice” but I wish he would express his vocal skills during the daytime instead of when the rest of us are trying to enjoy a good night’s sleep!



2 thoughts on “A NIGHT AT THE OPERA”

    1. We cats have powerful lungs and we like to say /sing it out LOUD and CLEAR. Would you care for some singing lessons, Misaki? I am sure Sir Rufus would be only to happy to be your voice coach- for the price of some Royal Canin Maine Coon pellets….and some high quality tuna fish!

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