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Purr to all my furry followers!

BING  the marmalade cat has now adopted our MOM! And me and Charlie as well!

We are flattered and delighted  that the lordly one has taken such a fancy to us all!

Here he is being chummy with two of our teddy bears. He is a very sociable feline:


He also has a new name chosen by our MOM- Bing is now SIR RUFUS! Apparently Rufus means “redhaired” so little one is well named since he is cinnamon coloured. He is spotted and striped  so I think he should have been called “Spots and Stripes” LOL! However, our MOM admired my creativity but she didn’t think that was an easy  name to have to say every time she spoke to him! So after some deliberation she narrowed all the name suggestions down to two- Sir Rufus and Sir Russell. And when she called them out Bing responded to Sir Rufus but not to Sir Russell so thus he got to choose his own name. Clever!

He has kept us all pretty busy since he is a VERY active and playful little guy. He likes to play hide and seek with Charlie! They certainly make the carpets fly I can tell you. 

I will write more about our fun and games in my next post. I have to go and help Mom in the kitchen with something REALLY important. Can’t keep her wating now can I?

Just to round off -here is a video with a singer called Chaka Khan and her group called Rufus! I think that the lyrics perfectly sum up how easily this adoption took place.


Lots of purrs



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