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Hi there, feline followers!

Been unable to blog because we have had a guest in our home these past 10 days. And first the guest was sick and then ´me and Charlie Chaplin needed to take our time to get too know him…

Here he is:




He is rather cute for a youngster, don’t you agree? His name is Bing but our Mom says he needs a new name, a name with more class. Because he sure is classy even though he comes from a local shelter.

Bing has very nice manners and he and I are now real good mates. He was very respectful towards me as you should be towards the top cat in the house. He kept his distance until I invited him to come closer. We have shared  Mom’s bed a few times,one on each side of her, and this went really well.

I was really  worried because  little one refused all kinds of food for the first four days. Mom was very upset- she thought he hated her cooking, her home and herself.

But it turned out he had gastric flu! The whole shelter had gastric flu but the staff didn’t realize this until Bing had come to stay at our place. Anyway all cats seem to be healthy and happy again, thank goodness. And I and Charlie didn’t pick up the bug, thank goodness. Bing is now happily munching away on his favourite Royal Canin Main Coon dry food and he has even tested strawberry yoghurt and a little butter off a sandwich. He sees me trying something that Mom likes and then he must try it as well.

Charlie is not that keen on Bing but he is warming up. There was a bit of hissing and quite a few angry staring matches for the first few days but these are now less frequent. Bing wants to play with Charlie but Charlie is a bit standoffish. VERY serious and dignfied. Charlie needs to loosen up a bit and play with Bing. Bing has loads of energy. You should see him hide behind doors and corners and then suddenly shoot out, frightening the life out of poor Charlie! It is very entertaining to watch.

I am definately gonna get busy with Bing because I don’t want to go on a low calorie diet which Mom has threatened me with if I don’t start moving around more. But hey, it’s winter, and you need to lie still and chill out so that you are alert and in shape for the Spring and all those twittering birds, right?



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