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PURRRR  everybody!

I have been SOOOO  busy taking in January 2013 in LAID BACK style, feline followers! Thus there haven’t been any posts from me to you here lately…

I have enjoyed  the festive season with lots of fun, games, eats and treats together with Charlie and my MOM. Been made a big fuss over by Mom and her friends who recognize me for the handsome and brilliant feline that I am! And I am happy to report that SANTA DID ARRIVE acording to schedule!Brought some lovely pressies too!


But please don’t feel neglected because here I am again-HERKULES HAPPY PAWS  ready to damce on the keyboard for your amusement!

My paws are particularly happy this evening because I have just partaken of some DELICIOUS  food from a great chef called MrScience Hill. MOM popped down to the pet supermarket  earlier today – which was jolly nice of her seeing that the weather was horrible- cold, gray and icy!!!

I think she is a really SUPER housekeeper who always goes that extra mile to keep me and Charlie happy. In fact I think I’ll slip a few extra coins in her piggy bank to keep her happy and on the go! Mind you, i bet she’ll waste it all on some new album or book about Michael King of Pop Jackson or on some boring riding gear…

Anyways, forget about singers and horses! Back to really important stuff- FOOD! Mr Hill had produced a dainty dish of tender chunks of chicken in gravy. And our Mom served it in our new white dishes. Quite a feast on a gray old January evening!

It was soooo good we immediately licked upp ALL the gravy and devoured every morsel of the meat. And  I  happened to spy with my little eye that there was some food  left in the packet so I immediately got to work on my MOM’s legs- stroking myself against them and looking up at her with adoring emerald green eyes. I did all the work while Charlie sat washing his face- but we BOTH got a second helping!

This is what my dish looked liek after I had finished eating:


Well, you can’t say I didn’t do the dishes…..

That Chef Hill must have had a really inspired moment in the kitchen because he made 12 packets of the tender chunks stuff. Some with turkey and some with chicken.And then he packed them all neatly into a cardboard box and one of those boxes is now chez moi!

I am looking forward to trying the turkey tomorrow,

At least we cats get to eat turkey all the uear round, not like the two legged ones who only get to eat it around December time!

Must go to bed now as I am  VERY  full up and VERY sleepy!

Sweet tender chunky dreams!




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