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Darling BELOVED sister,

selma gorgeous

You left us on Thursday December 13th on the Feast of Santa Lucia.

This day is a celebration of light but you made our world less bright by slipping away so suddenly.

You fought bravely through a brief period of illness  and we all tried our best to make your final days as warm and comfortable as possible.

You made it to age 16 but you were always a real “babe”, beautiful Selma Viktoria.

You charmed  us all  with you Beauty, Grace and Social Skills. And you showed us who was in charge with your explosive dragon puffs of fire and sudden displys of  sharp claws!!! SelmaViktoria-An irresistable combination of beauty and strength!

We will always be under your spell, darling Selma.

And since both you  and our Mom LOVE  the music of Michael Jackson.

this beautiful song is dedicated to you from

me , Charlie Chaplin and our Mom.

Selma Viktoria- you are NOT alone because you are always in our hearts!



2 thoughts on “SELMA VIKTORIA”

    1. Thank you, Dianda. We are as ok as can be expected.We miss the little dragon lady sooo much but MOM is very good at making us feel better with lots of TLC. And we take care of MOM by being extra playful and loving.

      We are looking forward to a visit from Santa shortly!


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