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Hi there feline fans of my brother Herkules!

This is CHARLIE CHAPpLIN on the keyboard. My paws are far from keyboard perfect so there might be a few typos here……But I will GiVE IT a tRY! Anything HERK can do I will OBVIOUSLY  learn to do better!!!

BTW It was fun reading that some of you wished for snow. And got some of the white winter magic! This shows that wishes DO come true! VERy EnCouragiNG!

I am NOT wishing for snow because we have loads of it already. MOM will go CRAZY if I start wishing for more! So better not…

But I have some other interesting wishes to share with you all.

Charlie-s wishlist

C uddly cushions with PAW PRINTS ( leopard, please!)

H  oliday decorating of the house

A  wesome eats and treats

R  oastbeef roastbeef roastbeef!

L  ooong lie ins in the mornings

I  nteresting games of HIDE & SEEK

E  xciting Crissy pressies to play with- BONUS loads of flapping wrapping paper!




Ain’t I clever using MY NAME for my wishes! Well, half of my name.

Bet HERK would never have thought of doing such a thing. I am very pleased with my own awesomeness!

OOOOOCH! HERK is coming my way and he does NOT look at all pleased!

Better dash before he give me a nasty telling off!





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