SANTA CLAWS aka Charlie Chaplin in festive photoshoot!

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Darling BELOVED sister,

selma gorgeous

You left us on Thursday December 13th on the Feast of Santa Lucia.

This day is a celebration of light but you made our world less bright by slipping away so suddenly.

You fought bravely through a brief period of illness  and we all tried our best to make your final days as warm and comfortable as possible.

You made it to age 16 but you were always a real “babe”, beautiful Selma Viktoria.

You charmed  us all  with you Beauty, Grace and Social Skills. And you showed us who was in charge with your explosive dragon puffs of fire and sudden displys of  sharp claws!!! SelmaViktoria-An irresistable combination of beauty and strength!

We will always be under your spell, darling Selma.

And since both you  and our Mom LOVE  the music of Michael Jackson.

this beautiful song is dedicated to you from

me , Charlie Chaplin and our Mom.

Selma Viktoria- you are NOT alone because you are always in our hearts!


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Hi there feline fans of my brother Herkules!

This is CHARLIE CHAPpLIN on the keyboard. My paws are far from keyboard perfect so there might be a few typos here……But I will GiVE IT a tRY! Anything HERK can do I will OBVIOUSLY  learn to do better!!!

BTW It was fun reading that some of you wished for snow. And got some of the white winter magic! This shows that wishes DO come true! VERy EnCouragiNG!

I am NOT wishing for snow because we have loads of it already. MOM will go CRAZY if I start wishing for more! So better not…

But I have some other interesting wishes to share with you all.

Charlie-s wishlist

C uddly cushions with PAW PRINTS ( leopard, please!)

H  oliday decorating of the house

A  wesome eats and treats

R  oastbeef roastbeef roastbeef!

L  ooong lie ins in the mornings

I  nteresting games of HIDE & SEEK

E  xciting Crissy pressies to play with- BONUS loads of flapping wrapping paper!




Ain’t I clever using MY NAME for my wishes! Well, half of my name.

Bet HERK would never have thought of doing such a thing. I am very pleased with my own awesomeness!

OOOOOCH! HERK is coming my way and he does NOT look at all pleased!

Better dash before he give me a nasty telling off!





Cat Photo of the day ( Charlie Chaplin )

CHARLIE CHAPLIN is Cat o the Day on this awesome blog! I bet he’ll get all puffed up with pride when I tell him. And there will be no stopping him then because he is an AIRIES cat……..


Cat Photo of the day ( Charlie Chaplin ).



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Tis the season of the ADVENT STAR!

Our Advent star is now hanging in our bedroom window as it usually does this time of year. We three cats had such fun watching our MOM trying to make it hang straight yesterday afternoon. MOM did a lot of jumping up and down, using  a lot of words I don’t care to write here, and a wee bit of hair pulling. It took AGES- I had time for a longish snooze before she was done with it all!  Dreamt of some crackingly tasty sardines in tomato sauce….Yummy yummier yummiest!

Well, back to the star… I borrowed MOM’s  cellphone and took this photo to show you all what it looks like:



I really love having my very own star inside the house. Makes it easier to think about making those all important wishes EVERY DAY!

Because that’s what stars are for. We tend to forget this when they are just so far away  in the sky.

If you make a wish you have a very good chance of getting it fullfilled.So let’s start making a wish list, shall we? Maybe some of you will share your wishes with me and Selma and Charlie Chaplin.

BTW  Charlie has promised to share his very own list with you here tomorrow! Will make an exciting read, felines!

My list will be a LOOONG but pretty basic one.You know, unlimited snacks and hugs and cudlles from your housekeeper..

HIGLY IMPORTANT STUFF  for us felines!

Will keep you posted- promise with crossed paws!

PLEASE NOTE! It is VERY IMPORTANT  to start making wishes NOW so that Santa has plenty of time to make them come true. Yes, the stars and Santa work together. I have this information from a highly reliable source….

OH bother, MOM says she wants the laptop! Wish it was MINE!