MIAUUUU, felines!

I live in a MIAUSICAL HOUSEHOLD. There is singing and dancing and music being played almost every day. And sometimes there is miausical stuff going on even after midnight….Since our MOM adores Queen, Michael Jackson and The  BeeGees I am proud to say that we have been given a great miausical education.

For a start there is a piano in our house.  An untuned piano. You should hear some of the sounds that come from a feline letting loose on the keyboard on a piano that is out of tune! Charlie Chaplin usually starts out full of enthusiasm with his cute little paws travelling across the black and white keys but his mood quickly turns from Major to Minor when  he hears those “pitchy” notes. He has such sensitive ears, does Charlie. So he dashes off the piano  and runs and hides under the bed complaining loudly in that sweet tenor voice of his. However, in a few days Charlie is ready to give the piano another go. I guess, MOM, that Charlie is telling you to get the poor old instrument TUNED!

While we are on the subject of voices I hear SelmaViktoria practising her scales in the kitchen right now. SelmaViktioria has daily practise moments.  They are short, loud and  INTENSE. Mostly A CATELLA! However, at times she does sing along with the Moonwalker himself. Here is one of her favourites:

Our MOM has also been busy singing this Autumn.  She belongs to a choir ( lots of people making noises at the same time while one guy stands in front of them waving his arms). And soon there will be a concert. Right now her practise sessions at home have heavily increased. There are Christmas songs and ABBA songs and some other strange stuff. We have had to listen to ABBA’S Dancing Queen toooo many times to mention.

However,the ABBA’s are pretty cool cats so I thought I’d post them performing this song here. Hopefully MOM will learn what it really SHOULD sound like so that our ears will be spared her pitchy efforts in the near future:

Must go off and practise my Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Lalalala’s now!




3 thoughts on “MIAUSICAL MUSINGS”

      1. Haha, no, not yet. I do know that one of my cats, Suki. Liked a korean boy band. Cause everytime I listened to it, she walked into the room and sat with me.

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