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Our MOM loves Halloween and she also loves  dressing up for the occasion. Fine, MOM- we allow you to have some fun with black lipstick, spooky eyeshadow and Morticia Addams style of dress, trying to look hairy scary LOL!

BUT-she also wants us three felines  to dress in spooky style- which we DON’t want to do! And on top of everything  be PHOTOGRAPHED  wearing some RIDCULOUS  outfit!

Last year Charlie wore  a magician’s hat which was so large that he was almost totally hidden beneath it. Lucky him! Of course it was pretty fetching since he has dramatic black and white markings in himself.

I had to pose together  with a silly bat with squinty eyes…. Bat looked happy,I did not! Yes, we were  both caught on camera in these silly outfits. Tricked but not treated if I may say so…

What about SelmaViktoria?

I think she gave our Mom a taste of her claws which are delightfully sharp and to the point…

So no Halloween photos of Selma last year…

Anyways, yesterday our MOM  was jumping around all excitedly,  cutting two holes in a large tablecloth telling us in a silly voice  that we would love wearing this stupid thing…

We think NOT! In fact me and Charlie Chaplin showed her in every possible way that this was NOT gonna happen. We did not appreciate having a tablecloth put over our heads, making us look like a pair of ghosts! So  suddenly” somebody” decided to turn the photoshoot into a photofight. I think it was Charlie that jumped on top of me, bored with the props which consisted of a  couple of sad green pumpkins and our old “friend” squinty bat:

Half Nelson by Charlie

However, a few moments later I got the upper paw and Charlie made a mighty quick gettaway:

Halloween photoshoot becomes a photofight

Poor MOM! Well, it’s all her own fault. She should have listened  in the first place, shouldn’t she?

Meanwhile Selma Viktoria took the opportunity to steal the limelight.

Here she is posing as good as gold with a couple of pumpkins :


OK, MOM, at least you go ONE of us felines to pose for a HALLOWEEN photo this year! ‘

And Selma got quite a few treats for her effort!

Guys, have a Miauverlous Halloween and give em two-leggeds a real good scare!




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