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HI feline fans!

Yesterday our MOM went out for a little fun Saturday shopping -and came home all excited! She had been to her favourite pet store  where she found  a little friend for me and SelmaViktoria  and Charlie to play with. Here he is:


Cheeky looking little guy, right?Not in the least bit shy as you can see from his expression, Look at his little paws! SO adorapawable!

Our MOM  introduced us to each other. She told us his name is PERCY. She said that we were to be nice to him and not play too rough as he is just a little guy.A  little mouse actually. Well, Percy just  happens to be stuffed full of catnip so we all gave him a very warm welcome into the family. We licked him and hugged him and even tossed him up in the air.Percy didn’t say much  just kept his happy smile so I guess he was having fun as well. We all ended up lying  on the carpet with our paws up in the air with a silly vacant look on our faces. Selma tried to roll all over Percy but he managed to hide between me and Charlie.

After all the playing and rolling around  Percy got a bit tired of all the attention so he buried himself behind a cushion in Charlie’s favourite armchair and immediately  fell asleep. Boy, could he SNOORE for a little guy!

Later on in the evening our MOM decided that she wanted to take a photo pf Percy and us together…. but  we felines  were all happily snoooooing our heads off by then.   It was a dark and rainy evening so we decided to retire pretty early.

So MOM had to have a photo shoot with Percy posing on his own. I think that he enjoyed being photographed, don’t you? He has such a happy smiling face. I guess being filled with catnip makes you happy on a permanent basis.

I LOVE the smell of catnip myself and am happy to snuggle up with Percy any time.

So welcome to the family, Percy!



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