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Selma Viktoria, Charlie Chaplin and Herkules


We suspect he was  a feline   in disguise,

The slanteyed  enigmatic Mr Mercury,

Singing with all his mighty might

Those high notes, fast notes, slow notes

Making  Selma ,Charlie and me go

Not Slightly Mad but a little bit Gaga!


  Don’t Stop Me Now-

So like Charlie  travelling at the speed of light

around the house

Chasing a bird or an imaginary mouse 

Me I’m more the Invisible tabby  type

Hiding in closets giving Mom a fright

Selma Viktoria – a sweet pussycat lady 

as long as she gets her own way

Otherwise LOUD vocal complaints

Matching Freddie on stage in his heyday


Scaramouche,, Scaramouche ,

Our Great Pretender

Won’t you please please 

Teach us the Fandango?

 Or give us a whirl with the Millionaire Waltz?

We put our tiny paws together

and give you an  applause


It’s Your Birthday, Bismilla!





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