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Miauuuu, Feline fans!

Since it was the birthday of the King of Pop yesterday and my Mom is a great fan of his I am kindly allowing her to post a birthday greeting to the man himself on my blog.

I have been promised culinary delights if I allow her to do this so… This of course made it an easy choice even though you all know how I feel about trespassers….

So, Mom, this post is yours.Make the most of it!

And I will go and sample some DELICIOUS treats in the kitchen.




Dear Herkules,

You are soo sweet to let me write a little something to Michael here. Here is my tribute:


Dedicated to Michael Jackson 

on his birthday 29th of August 2012



Do you rememember?

Do you rememeber?

Do you , do you, do you?

Of course you remember the time 

When he moonwalked

That glittery glove across the globe,

When he held that breathtaking pose on his toes,

Singing all the colours of the wind

In your ear,

Shifting your consciousness into top gear.


Do you remember?

Do you remember?

Do you? Do you?

Of course you remember the time

Of those giant stage conversations of his 

From Victory via Dangerous to HIStory

Causing so much emotion and commotion

Peter Pan in tight Gold Pants on his

 roller coaster ride to Hall of Fame

Michael Joe Jackson

It’s all in your name

And here is one of my favourite tracks which I think you will enjoy too, Herkules. It’s about Butterflies, those fluttery things that you find so fascinating:






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