My MOM and Charlie Chaplin are lying on the floor playing a few rounds of Crazy 8! I am lying on Selma’s cusihion watching the  games in a laid back manner… Yes, I know I am trespassing and she is giving me some real nasty looks but hey, Selma, I am just warming the cushion up for ya! Give me a big smile, big sista!

Monday evenings IN PARTICULAR always take out the laid back in my feline nature..

Now where were we, feline followers? Ok, card games….

Actually I have never played cards so I think will just observe and see what I can pick up in case I want to give it a try sometime. Give Charlie a match LOL!

Poker face is important when playing cards!


But how is the game getting along? Guess you guys are curious…

Well, after three rounds Charlie has won EVERY TIME!! It is amazing how skilled he is already seeing that  he is completely new to Crazy 8.

The 8 is the most powerful card in this game so you need to get hold of them and use them skillfully.Charlie has played some Texas Paw Em before and has done pretty well so I guess he is just a natural when it comes to card games. Charlie is an incredibly smart little guy being an Aries. He has  self confidence IN SPADES ( haha)  and I am proud to see him handling his game like a pro! Go, Charlie, go!

OOOOPS! Shouldn’t have said that bcoz he heard me say “Go” and now he is racing round the house!

I  must say I find a deck of cards pretty fascinating and you can of course have loads of fun playing with 52 cards all over the floor…hmm the couch, the carpets, behind and under the furniture……. And that’s not counting the jokers—

Time for me to play a game of “TOSS EM” IN THE AIR AND SEE WHERE THEY LAND. And then I will hide all the 8s behind the sofa.

I wonder if our MOM will enjoy this new game…

Perhaps not. I think I will join the crazy 8s behind the sofa…. Byeeee!



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