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Dear Feline followers,

I am soooooooooooo tired today coz I was up late with my Mom and Charlie Chaplin and SelmaViktoria watching the closing thingy at the London Olympics. But it was worth it since there were so many fun things for us felines to have purr-i-liscious times  with. And for or felinesque Mom? Well her favourite singer  Freddie Mercury showed up so she was THRILLED! Of course Freddie  is dead but he can evidently sing from the grave! Awesome, right???

Anyways, watching the ceremony I got really EXCITED when I saw these dudes in silly hats marching along on stage:

WOW! The furry hats! So cozy! A catnap snuggling up into one of those would be divine. Definately my cup of tea in the comfortable bedding department!!! Perhaps if I am a good boy Santa will give me one for Christmas.

Now Charlie suddenly got very excited when he saw this floating thru the air:

It’s like a giant feather wand, isn’t it? Imagine the fun we could have flipping this with our paws. Charlie’s claws kept going in and out with purrrfect delight at the thought of it! And I can see that those strings in the dude’s  boots would be great fun to play with. definately chewable too…. Yes, loads of fun for us both with this amusing guy!

Now we all love a bit of sparkle and excitement and this is what  the arrangers so thoughtfully provided here:

Sparkles snowing from the sky -so pretty! Ì felt quite mesmerized. Selma was eating a piece of cheddar but when she saw this going on she suddenly stopped chewing and just STARED intently at the screen.  Selma – I think I’m gonna start  calling  you Selma In the Sky with Diamonds….Purrrrr….

And all those flags waving…I feel I want to stand up on my hind legs and carry one. Hmmm, wonder which sport I would have gotten gold in?

Herkules is the name of a superhero so it’s gotta be something powerful for both mind and body. Wrestling is quite fun and I and Charlie often indulge in this activity. problem is Charlie is stronger than me so he always manages to pin me down on the floor. Well, not ALWAYS perhaps. I usually manage to escape and go and hide under the bed!  Perhaps horseback riding would be a better option. I really like the idea of being in charge of such a large animal:

And what flag would I be carrying? I think the Welsh one since my Mom is half Wesh. It has such a pretty red dragon on it which would make me stand out in a crowd. Mmmm, getting a bit sleepy, off to dreamland seeing myself riding a horse carrying a Welsh flag. Oppps! I found one with a horsey! Even better!



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