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BACK in command of the laptop! Double double double PURRRR! Hear my roar, the roar of the tabby tiger!

Brief summary of reason for my absence from blog posting!

My MOM has been on this laptop almost ALL of the “merrie” month of May so as you can understand

I have been VERY VERY annoyed!

I have SULKED, POUTED , given her a taste of my powerful paw –

but to NO AVAIL….” No”, she says, “you will have to wait til I finish my course on Celtic superheroes and what-have-you”! And then she patted me gently on the head and whispered that it wouldn’t take that long at all…..What a load of tosh! If she AT LEAST had dealt with Greek superheroes like my namesake HERKULES! That would have been a little more understandable. Someone with a brilliant name and matching personality to boot. After all, here we have the perfect hero on his white horse:

 As you can see HERKULES  always gets the girl- just like a true hero should.

Just like yours truly unruly LOL!

But Celtic ones with crazy names such as CU CHULAINN… Who into the bargain is apparently known as “The Hound of Ulster”. A HOUND! A double insult to my delicate ego!

Honestly, how can a two-legged as smart as my MOM spend valuable laptop time on a dude that LOOKS and ACTS like thisssssss?

Apparently our hotheaded friend here wasn’t all that smart- tied himself to a pole in order to die the death of a hero standing on his feet!!! Typically canine values. FAR better to do a runner and save yourself I say. Of  course all my feline followers will totally agree with my MOST INTELLIGENT point of view ON THIS VITAL SUBJECT. Thanks guys!

However, I MIGHT consider taking a leaf out of old CuchyCully’s book and use it to take control over the Gurll who is mine. I mean, I CERTAINLY  don’t want this laptop issue to repeat itself. My MOM needs to learn that it is SHE who must ask sweetly to borrow MY laptop and not the other way round. So in order to teach her respect I will try out the famous battle frenzy of CuchyCully on her. It is called a “Riastrad” and here I am practising THE LOOK with which I will launch my frenzy:

BRILLIANT , isn’t it? You can feel me revving up for my next move, right????

Practise practise practise makes purrfect!

So guys, I will keep u posted on what happens when I have displayed my full battle frenzy on my Mom!

So CuchyCuly and Fionn and company -take a long walk on a very short bridge!





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