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This is what vacations are all about. Don’t you agree, felines?Just hanging out without “remembering the time”?

That luxurious feeling of stretching out among the covers-purrrrr!!!

No rushing out of bed in a hurry, no rude noises freakin you out!

The pleasure of NOT being woken by THIS:

I KNOW that MJ is Mom’s favourite singing and dancing machine BUT please keep him out  the bedroom!!!!!


Don’t I look cutely convincing??? I am IRRESISTIBLE as you can see.

I KNOW the GLOVED ONE is INVINCIBLE and a Dangerous rival! SO, OK, let him stand for the wakeup call but at least make him CHANGE his tune.

After all he has a few to choose from. In addition he comes equipped with a snooze button!

UNLIKE SelmaViktoria who only has ONE tune and NO snooze button!

The  Easter vacation has been real nice apart from the Selma wakeup call! It starts all low and demure from the kitchen and then it becomes louder and louder and really INTENSE!


Then silence. MOM and I go back to sleep. I snuggle up on her arm, all warm and cosy and start dreaming about shrimps…Then all of sudden my ears prick up:


This sure aint those shrimps talking! I am thrown out of dreamland and land in reality. SelmaViktoria has started doing an encore of her previous performance-even increasing the volume a tad ….

This make MOM get out of bed real fast and dash into the kitchen to serve Her Royal Catness Breakfast!

No lie in for me! I have to roll out of a nice warm bed and accompany MOM into the kitchen. For a bit of breakfast. Need to look after my own interests.

BUT I would still prefer lazing under the covers til noon or so.

And therefore I need to find a snooze button for Selma.

Any ideas, loyal followers?



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