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Purrrrrr……. My Mom’s busy doing her hair  and Herkules and Charlie are fast asleep in the sunshine so I am Queen of the Laptop right now!

And I landed HERE, Must see what Herk’s been up to lately!

WOW! I have just read his ‘ post about SEMLOR and I am ANGRY!

He  got the idea how to get at the cream from those cream buns from ME! Sneaky , sneakier, sneakiset, that’s Herk! He lies on the carpet pretending to sleep but all the  while he is busy STUDYING me. I suppose I should be flattered but I AM NOT!


Herkules is just a copycat!

Also I would like to POINT  with my CLAWS  OUT  that this is why our MOM calls me her Adorable SELMA the SEMLA! Since I have the same colours as a Semla I blend in so well behind one that I am able to pinch quite a lot of cream until my MOM discovers what is going on:

Looking at this lovely picture of a Semla makes me looong for some lovely nice CREAM!

I am licking the screen but there is no taste! LAPTOPS suck! I honestly don’t know what ll the fuss is about since there is no taste, nor scent…

I am gonna go for Plan B instead…

Since it is the weekend I know that then our MOM often does quite a lot of baking so I will definately stick around the kitchen. I have my lovely cushions to lie on in the windowseat where I can comfortably watch all that happens around me. And I am safe from Herkules and Charlie there. They don’t often lie on pink candy striped cushions. I guess they think this is just for GURLS!

HERKULES IS AWAKE – and he has seen me on the lapotop!

He IS COMING towards me——-mjauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Gotta run!



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