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Hi guys!

I hope you all had a PURRRfect Valentine’s Day with lots of LOVE and fun!

As you know St Valentine’s Day is all about THE PLANNING! Well, amost ALL!!!

I CAREFULLY selected and sent an ANONIMIAUS  card to SelmaViktoria. I was all excited inside  but kept my usual tabby cool manner. So when the postman delivered it I pretended to not be a bit interested and turned my back to the front door, pretending to slowly and carefully lick all of my paws. I heard Selma rush to the pile of letters and cards that had landed on the carpet in the hall. She found her cards and promptly began to chew on them and threw down bits and pieces on the floor!  Then she suddenly  lost interest and jumped up on the table and started to hug a teddy bear our MOM had given her:

She didn’t bother one bit about the funny Valentine I sent her. Ah well, at least I sent it anonmiously so I don’t have to feel ashamed of her not bothering!I have been beaten by a stuffed toy!

Well, I guess she thinks it wont talk back at her…

I got quite a few cards myself-and so did CharlieChaplin. We had a lot of fun playing with the cards and hiding them all over the house. Under the couch and under the carpets we put some of the cards and then amused ourselves trying to fish them out from where we had hidden them !!!

Suddenly  Charlie thought it fun to have all the cards on top of him!

I like Valentine’s Day and think there should be one once a month. At least for us felines bcoz we love being pampered and adored.

And if we are happy that makes the housekeeper happy as well. Something all you feline friends would do well to think about!

Suggested strategy!

All it takes is a friendly word in the human ear just before he/she falls asleep.

And HEY PRESTO! when the human awakes he/she thinks she/he has come up with a brilliant new idea!

Off to try this out on my MOM now!



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