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 The Art of Snoozing

Dedicated to SelmaViktoria my Dragon-Cat sister




 The Art of Snoozing

Is a delicate thing…

For some it is a piece of cake

Others practise and practise  to progress make

 SelmaViktoria she does it with ease

In fact she is a bit of a tease

A foxy lady

With an agenda a little bit shady


 You’d think she was fast asleep

Curled cosily upon the window seat

Then  Herkules stealthily approaches

She feels his presence  encroaches

Upon her PRIVATE space!!!

 Behind eyelids veiled she plots a race


From room to room without trace

“Sleeping” Selma opens her eyes in a flash

Paw comes out, strikes Herkules twice

Opens her mouth :

“Goodness gracious, great balls of fire!”


Snubbed and shamed he sneaks away

Getting the message in no uncertain way

Order is restored,

Naughty Herkules is floored!

 Selma Victorious

Fast and glorious

A feline beauty who will

Rise and Shine

Feeling her inner power 

Magically  Divine










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