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Time for another New Year celebration!

The Year of the Dragon has just began!

Dragons stand for POWER. At least in their own minds dragons think they are pretty important I guess. Some of them look a bit  stuck up. I suppose they feel they have some weird kinda mission to fulfil…Or its prancing around wearing all that heavy armour…Must be a real drag!

I myself personally think that dragons  are slightly ridiculous. They have wings and spurt fire and are said to only exist in fairy tales.  Sounds very romantic and exciting- and a bit scary. To humans. To me it just sounds plain old  SILLY!!!

Just look at this little dude here:

Wings, scales, huge feet! And proud of his outfit too! Like a Top Model posing for the camera.Well, at least Sir Dragon has his own personal style which is more than can be said for a Top Model… More power to him for being himself.

However, I want to stay at a safe distance from that breath of his. Not only is it hot- but also it doesn’t exactly smell of Chanel no 5!

I suppose you are all wondering if we celebrated the Chinese New Year at casa mia? Well, in a way we did. We three mouseketeers celebrated by eating prawns and having a nice relaxing snooze afterwards. But suddenly we were ever so rudely awakened by Mom’s rowdy anticks!!!

Our  crazy Mom celebrated the Chinese New Year by rolling 12 large oranges in through the front door into the hallway. Charlie, Selma and I kept staring at her with our mouths wide open.She told us that this was a way of welcoming good fortune into our home. I thought it was pretty good fun watching her doing this and seeing those silly oranges come bobbing along down the hallway! One of them actually tried to hit me so I had to run and hide behind the bedroom door.

I tried to tell Mom in a VERY  loud voice that this was probably a BAD orange and that she should send him back out again. Did she listen to me? Not really! But she did cut that particular orange in four and ate it up with a lovely large bowl of vanilla ice cream. Hehehe! I must say I enjoyed watching the orange disappearing out of my life in such a great  way. I celebrated  by helping myself to some of that lovely ice cream…

NOW-promise no to laugh, my loyal followers. Dragons DO actually exist We have one living with us, guardian of our Mom’s perfume bottles. Her name is DAISY and she lives on our Moms dressing table. She is a bit shy and doesn’t really have much to say for herself:


She DOES spout fire! And she listens a lot to Michael Jackson’s Invincible album.And she also offers perfume advice to our MOM. She has a pretty good nose and I think that our Mom has a lovely selection of fragrances thanks to her. Funny how a dragon who usually has  terrible breath should be a perfume expert!

Well, while we are on the subject of scents I am suddenly geting a whiff of TUNA fish from the kitchen. This is worth my investigating here and NOW!

C A N  NOT waste another minute or the OTHERS will beat me to it!

Byeee for now!







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