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Miauuuu, felines!

This is SOOOOO funny! You all know the Muppets, right? And I bet you ALL love em !

MUPPETS  sure do tickle my feline fancie!!!

Especi-illy-ally good old Kermit the frog! He uses so many long and wonderful words and he is so happy with his wide froggy grin shaking his looong legs and arms all over the place! Green dude sure  rocks, right???

We have spent many happy hours hangin on the couch with our MOM being entertained by


Even if I am not into SILLY-EBRETIES I wouldn’t turn down sharing some prawns and water with Kermit or Fonzie or Miss Piggy!

But please keep that Swedish chef under lock and key! He aint safe – I mean he would turn ANYTHING and ANYBODY INTO A MEAL!

SCARY- I used to hide behind the couch once he started waving a rolling pin or banging around with his pots and pans! But of course he is SWEDISH and we all know that those dudes are ALL mad AS HATTERS!

Now MISS PIGGY is a real funny Muppet but she does not realize that she is a bit- shall we say-stooopid at times! She is also VERY VERY vain- even more  than our SelmaViktoria! Tossing her blond mane and strutting her stuff on every possible social and impossible occasion!

But feline males  can also be keen to GLAM THEMSELVES UP  AT TIMES!! LOL! Look what I caught on candid camera late last night:


Who  would have guessed that Charlie would want to try out THE MISS PIGGY OPI claw varnish DIVINE SWINE!!!  Sneaky little dude! He  spotted our MOM doing her nails all LURVERLY SPARKLY purple so HE WANTED TO GET A HOLD of that tempting bottle full of stardust.

Actually our MOM is pretty strict- and she doesn’t approve of cats wearing nailvarnish. But Charlie is very persistent and he gave her THE LOOK . He jumped up on to the desk while she was lying on the couch painting putting the adorable sparkles on each of her claws, and then he climbed down onto her shoulder and landed on her lap, turned round and draped himself with great elegance and precision round her waistline, whiskers all aquiver with excitement. YES, guys, the nail varnish had dried and the bottle was sitting steadily on the table. Nope, no worries about us all being starstudded in magenta goo!!! Bet that got ya all nervious, right??? And Charlie is allowed to HOLD the bottle and also to borrow MOM’s sparkly bracelet… I think “Borrow” means “ADOPT” but MOM doesn’t realize that…..YET!

Well, fenile followers- Charlie has no idea that I took this photo of him! It will be a great surprise for him when he gets a look at my post here. HEHEHE!

Charlie has a bit of a temper since he is an Aries so he might get MAD BAD and DANGEROUS to know!

Oh, Charlie is coming towards me eager to see what I am doing. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Gonna hide under the bed now!!!



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