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Am I   S   C   A    R    Y   FOR YOU?

I bet you are all hiding behind the sofa right now…. And for those of you with tails I guess those tails are tucked tightly between your hind legs… Purrrrrr! But you can come back out now- I don’t bite!

Come back out and read the rest of this post!

I used my INVINCIBLE stare on my MOM yesterday because I was really really fed up with her using MY laptop for hours and DAYS on end. It’s really too much. We have to SERIOUSLY limit her online sessions. So Charlie and I have now decided to take it in turn to lie on top of her as soon as she settles down on the sofa with the laptop on her knee. I jump up and push the laptop aside and settle on her knee demanding to be stroked.  The laptop slides down on to the floor. I fall asleep with a huge grin from whisker to whisker. My MOM of course thinks that I am dreaming about birds or sardines or something….

When I wake up after an hour or so and jump down on to the carpet my MOM takes up the laptop and starts to surf. Whoops! Up jumps Charlie and does the same thing that I did! He lies on top of my Mom’s chest and stares her straight in the face, and even winks at her! Charlie is a very good hypnotizer as you can see from this photo:

Teamwork- I love it!

Only problem- Charlie has started reading my blog and has expressed a few thoughts about having one of his own! Bother-bother-bother. My laptop is in danger from being hijacked by him as well as my MOM! ‘

I could use my INVINCIBLE stare on him but I know I will only get a MORE INVINCIBLE one back!

Oh, my whiskers! I must be off to devise a new and cunning plan!



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