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Hi there, feline followers!

“The pumpkins are glowing, the skeletons dancing,

Ghosts  down the streets come prancing,

Chilling our bones with their screams,

Playing funny tricks with our dreams.

Headless monsters go creak in the night

Making us shake with delicious delirious delight!


Was my poem scary for you, felines???

HALLOWEEN  is  here and I am busy getting into the mood. As I guess you all are, my followers!!!

This time of year it is so much fun with all the glowing pumpkins. My whiskers get all excited checking out the feline ones. Here are three of my favourites

1.The LOOKALIKE.This looks just like handsome magical  me so gotta LOVE it! Purr!

2. The Pink Panther goes Halloween. I love this smart and intelligent panther. He has it all:

3. The BAT CAT. Eat your heart out, Batman. Here comes the Batcat- cool, smart and supersonic!

Just wanted to share with you a piece of evidence showing that we cats are excellent pumpkin carvers. Dogs DO TRY – I say no more… Let the picture speak for itself:

Exactly!!! Well, we must remember dogs are dogs and they eat everything and wag their tails when they are happy. So this dog doesn’t really suprise me much!!!

BTW I KNOW that you are all looking forward to my Halloween outfit but PATIENCE!  I have not quite decided on my costume yet so you will have to  wait a little longer… But I promise something




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