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Hi there, feline followers!

“The pumpkins are glowing, the skeletons dancing,

Ghosts  down the streets come prancing,

Chilling our bones with their screams,

Playing funny tricks with our dreams.

Headless monsters go creak in the night

Making us shake with delicious delirious delight!


Was my poem scary for you, felines???

HALLOWEEN  is  here and I am busy getting into the mood. As I guess you all are, my followers!!!

This time of year it is so much fun with all the glowing pumpkins. My whiskers get all excited checking out the feline ones. Here are three of my favourites

1.The LOOKALIKE.This looks just like handsome magical  me so gotta LOVE it! Purr!

2. The Pink Panther goes Halloween. I love this smart and intelligent panther. He has it all:

3. The BAT CAT. Eat your heart out, Batman. Here comes the Batcat- cool, smart and supersonic!

Just wanted to share with you a piece of evidence showing that we cats are excellent pumpkin carvers. Dogs DO TRY – I say no more… Let the picture speak for itself:

Exactly!!! Well, we must remember dogs are dogs and they eat everything and wag their tails when they are happy. So this dog doesn’t really suprise me much!!!

BTW I KNOW that you are all looking forward to my Halloween outfit but PATIENCE!  I have not quite decided on my costume yet so you will have to  wait a little longer… But I promise something



banter, cats, horses, humour, pets


Phew! I am so shocked! Spent the afternoon on the couch  watching some major horseracing together with my MOM! These horses must be dumb!

My MOM rides so I already knew that horses allow humans to put strange things in their mouths, and carry saddles and humans around on their backs! BUT that some of them also drag humans around in carts secured behind their backs!!! The human shouts and screams and wants the horse to run faster and faster.

Some horses do run very fast and then the human gets a huge prize while the horse gets a few extra carrots… I am AMAZED that they are satisfied with so little….Of course they get a prize rosette which they can play with at home but if it was ME I would ask for a whole crate full of toys to play with. And if  I didn’t get what I wanted- sorry, mate, no deal. I would never ever lift any of my paws as much as an inch of the ground!

But some  horses actually  ENJOY doing this kind of stuff, Í am told.

This dude here was a MASTER of the art of harness racing. His name is Järvsöfaks and he is a Swedish harness race stallion.

My Mom told me that she had met him at the racetrack and he was VERY  superior. She felt in awe of him and certaintly didn’t tell him that he was a cutie, beautie and silly, childish stuff like that. No- instead she asked for his autograph!!! His owner thought this was very funny as people always asked for HIS autograph and not for that of Järvsöfaks. So he asked his gorgeous black stallion if he would be willing to plant his hoof on a large piece of paper- and guess what? He graciously gave my MOM his hoofprint -with a glint in his eye.

So cudos to Järvsöfaks-he knew all about how to work his fanclub! I am happy to say he is currently enjoying lazy days at hom on the farm, letting people wait on him hand and hoof!

These horses run soo fast that it is amazing they don’t get their hoofs and carts entangled in each other. Well, Mom is now getting really excited because it looks like an OUTSIDER is gonna win! Yessssss- the one in the lead who thought he was gonna win can’t keep up with the French Monster attacking from further back.

PATO is his name- also a black stallion!

I rather fancy that flower thingy he has around his neck! I wonder if PATO is gonna  make a meal of the flowers later on tonight!!! The audience is going crazy and MOM looks jolly pleased. 

I think it is great having a Day at the Race on the couch! I can keep an eye on my MOM so she doesn’t throw her money on these four-footed creatures.  And I also can make jolly sure that she doen’t go patting and flirting Järvsöfaks, Pato or the likes of them!!!

She only has time for me, lazing on a perfect Sunday afternoon on her knee!