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Hellooo my feline followers!

The other day I was lying fast asleep in MY  bed when SUDDENLY there was a sound from the kitchen that made me open my eyes VERY quickly!

Could it be…might it be…..something smashing beginning with THE MAGICAL LETTER S?

MUST jump down off the lovely crisp and white comforter and check out what is going on! I don’t want to miss anything culinary  because it might just be one of my favourite dishes!!!

I decide to take a discreet peak, half hidden behind the kitchen door.


My MOM is standing at the kitchen table , a fork in one hand and a tin of SARDINES in tomato sauce in the other. There is a TANTALIZING smell of toast combined with the scent of those tomatoesque sardines.


My MOM suddenly turns her head-and our eyes lock. It is an intense moment when two gourmets look each other deep  in the eyes. 

My MOM breaks eye contact first …  

Suddenly she says “This is MY lunch” in a strangely strangled kind a voice….and she proceeds by buttering the toast and putting the two slices on a large plate. 

Charlie Chaplin suddenly sneaks right up to me so I quickly  nudge  him into the kitchen. After all, we need to do some teamwork in order to maximaize our persuasive powers!

Charlie is as you all know a paricularly smart feline so he  marches  right up to my MOM and rubs his head against her legs. Politely but with great determination! I SLOWLY lick my mouth  and let the tip of my tongue hang out an inch or so. MOMSY  looks at us both ,  sighs and says-

“Ok then, guys  we can S H A R E these sardines!”

Now Selma Viktoria starts to MIAUUUU VERY LOUDLY  and does a little step dance routine on the  cushions on the window seat!

My MOM looks at us all and sighs again and says” OK, I  L O V E  buttered toast!

The sardines are of course ALL YOURS!”

When we had eaten up every single morsel  of the sardines and licked up every drop of tomato sauce we began washing our paws. We are all agreed for once- 

SAUCY SARDINES  is such an  awesolutely delicious dish!

And what-about our MOM?

Well,she is SO lucky that we didn’t ask her for the buttered toast.

BECAUSE – she makes the BEST BUTTERED TOAST in the world!








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