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Rain, rain, RRRRRRAIN….

OUTside- sO I am awfully chuffed to be an INdoor cat today!!!

 “It is raining cats and dogs”, my MOM said when peering out thru the  misty bedroom window when she got out of bed this morning.

X CUSE me? Did I just hear “Raining  CATS and DOGS”?  W O W!

Sorry MOM, but this really is an extremely stupid thing to say. I and Charlie Chaplin spent a good few hours cosied up in the window seat searching  for cats and dogs lurking in the raindrops.


 We didn’t see a single one- not even the flick of a whisker! So either the raincats and dogs were travelling incognito or those humans don’t MUCH KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!

WELL, it wouldn’t be the first time humans were caught with their fingers in the  cookie tin LOL!!!

However,  a couple of smart Weather Girls sang  this song called “It’s raining MEN” and I think they  were more up to scratch than the rest of the human race. After all they must have had some sightings of dudes falling from the sky sporting trenchcoats and brollies to come up with the idea….

This definately warrants further investigation from your favourite feline detectives!

So after a light lunch of lovely jubbely SARDINES in tomato sauce shared with MOM we decided to investigate those mysterious men in the rain.

Well,  I am

M O S T disappointed! There weren’t any guys hiding in the raindrops either….Neither with brollies nor without!

So I think Charlie and I will let go of this investigation and give our MOM a ginormous Cheshire cat grin next time she says”It’s raining cats and dogs” or she is dancing to  “It’s raining men”.

You see felines,  you have to KEEP WATCHIN  when the humans start making things up off the tops of their wee heads.

MOM just read what I wrote here and she laughingly informed us that these things being said about raining men and dogs and cats  were just sayings. And words in sayings don’t  actually mean what they mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wish humans would say what they mean instead of saying what they DON’T mean. Any wonder they  get into SOOOO much trouble!

Well, we felines know MUCH MUCH BETTER! We ALWAYS say what we mean! We are pure purrfection …..

So therefore it is of PURRAMOUNT Importance to KEEP WATCHIN’!




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