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Herkules darling!

Since the laptop is free I am making the most of it and posting a little poem dedicated to 


It is not a mushy slushy poem so you don’t need to throw up any hairballs in disgust when you read it! In fact it is quite witty!

I chose a photo of Michael wearing a cardigan which I know you’ll approve of since it’s the sort of thing you love to lie and cosy up to.

Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved
By Titania James

A Pair of Magic Slippers

Hey You!
Yes You,
Michael Joseph Jackson!

Why did you have to go
And leave my world
So dull and dark and cold?

I want you back!

Was it because we put a pair of wings upon your back
And turned you into a superhuman fascination?
Was it the tabloids stretching you on the rack
Year in and year out of incessant character assassination?

Here I stand
I feel grand
I am the light of the world run away!

Yes, I want you back, Michael Joseph Jackson!

But you can forget about the stranger in the orange pants-
The tabloid junkie creation!

You can forget about the glittery gold pants-
sexy gyrations making dames swoon of all nations!

I want the MASTER and COMMANDER in the grey suit-
The director in control of his creation-
So cool-so smart -so human
A perfectionist at work, such a TRUE man!

I promise not to go bananas
Over a guy in red silk pyjamas!
I promise not to swoon
And slobber all over your chest like a demented loon!

Just accept a pair of magic slippers-
Some TLC from me to you-
A gift of LOVE from this Cinderella
To her goofy Rockin fella!


I KNOW  that you secretly like Michael too, Herkules. I have caught you secretly smiling and nodding your head to a bit of Off the Wall!

So get those hips movin, Herkules.

And my butting in here, well, you can always BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE!


Your MOM



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