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After YOUR UNINVITED visit here I have been  ON S T R I K E !

Yes, indeed!

I have been SO IRRITATED and my whiskers have been QUIVERING with rage  for several days and nights….

Sorry followers, but I just had to stay away from here on PRINCIPLE!


I am BACK because   have now had a long and very SERIOUS conversation with my MOM and she has PROMISED me that next time she will ASK MY PERMISSION before she writes anything on here again.

 And of course we will discuss the PRICE she will have to pay…..

However,  I am DELIGHTED  to see that quite a few of you have been here and read MOM’s “Magic Slippers” poem. I must admit it is a lovely poem. AND- The Gloved One and I both wear  gloves, we can Moonwalk and we have gorgeous voices . SO  I guess MJ reminded  you, my feline followers, of me.

However,while he has his hiccups I have my gorgeous PURRsonality! HE heeeee! So of course he cannot seriously compete with my royal self LOL!!!


OOOOOPS! I think I fell asleep!

A l m o s t….

WHAT’S THAT  N O I S E  coming from the hall? Must check it out…HMMMM….MOM has arrived home. With a shopping bag? Let me see, let me see……It is always so EXCITING  when my MOM does some shopping!

It might be food, or it might be clothes or stuff like that! She always spreads the clothes on top of the bedspread to admire what she has just bought. And I always jump up and lie all over the things, just to try them out and give them THE OK!  I call it “Quality control!

So let me  see what we have here- it’s a box this time. Open, open, open, H U R R Y  U P ! 

What on earth!!! I see  something  L E O P A R D Y …..And something glittery. TWO of the same. ……

Oh, a pair of shoes! A pair of feline slippers with glass stones on the toes. Leopard patterned. Purrr….PURR…purrrrr    I like the feline touch. 

But I need two more if I shall wear them on MY paws.

These humans never learn to count properly,  do they? MOM- 4 paws I have, not 2!

Oh, so you bought them for yourself? Well see about that….

I think I will roll on top of them, decorate them with some of my fur  so that they look more authentic. And give them my signature scent!

Noooooo, MOM!, I was just gonna help……. don’t take them away, please….. They are probably MAGIC and therefore they are purrfect for me – THE MAGICAL MYSTERY CAT………..

HERKULES IN Ballerinas

PS.  I  WANT   to play with these ballerinas as payment for your messing around and writing a poem all  over this page.  As OFTEN  as I want to!



Thanks, MOM! Watch ne SMILE as I have fun with MY Magical Slippers!


cats, humour, Magic, michael jackson, pets, Uncategorized


Herkules darling!

Since the laptop is free I am making the most of it and posting a little poem dedicated to 


It is not a mushy slushy poem so you don’t need to throw up any hairballs in disgust when you read it! In fact it is quite witty!

I chose a photo of Michael wearing a cardigan which I know you’ll approve of since it’s the sort of thing you love to lie and cosy up to.

Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved
By Titania James

A Pair of Magic Slippers

Hey You!
Yes You,
Michael Joseph Jackson!

Why did you have to go
And leave my world
So dull and dark and cold?

I want you back!

Was it because we put a pair of wings upon your back
And turned you into a superhuman fascination?
Was it the tabloids stretching you on the rack
Year in and year out of incessant character assassination?

Here I stand
I feel grand
I am the light of the world run away!

Yes, I want you back, Michael Joseph Jackson!

But you can forget about the stranger in the orange pants-
The tabloid junkie creation!

You can forget about the glittery gold pants-
sexy gyrations making dames swoon of all nations!

I want the MASTER and COMMANDER in the grey suit-
The director in control of his creation-
So cool-so smart -so human
A perfectionist at work, such a TRUE man!

I promise not to go bananas
Over a guy in red silk pyjamas!
I promise not to swoon
And slobber all over your chest like a demented loon!

Just accept a pair of magic slippers-
Some TLC from me to you-
A gift of LOVE from this Cinderella
To her goofy Rockin fella!


I KNOW  that you secretly like Michael too, Herkules. I have caught you secretly smiling and nodding your head to a bit of Off the Wall!

So get those hips movin, Herkules.

And my butting in here, well, you can always BLAME IT ON THE BOOGIE!


Your MOM