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Hey guys!

I have been spending the afternoon on my MOM’s Twitter. She has some REAL cool and interesting friends there. HOWEVER- I noticed that there were a few felines following my MOM and in fact she also follows a few herself! I think I need to keep an eye on her so that she doesn’t get caught up in some mischief or other!  It takes a true birdwatcher to be online on a place like that, doesn’t it? Tweet-Tweet-Tweet! Well, they won’t be quite so chirpy when I come around, now will they??? They will have to learn to chirp at my command, seeing that I



Anyways, what I wanted to tell you about was one particular birdy pal of MOM’s who calls himself King of Popart. His real name is Nelson de La Nuez but sold some paintings to Michael Jackson aka King of Pop, hence the name. I find his work entertaining- very colourful and lots to lie and look at on a lazy afternoon in the summer sun while washing the odd paw or two…

Here is one of his paintings that really starts me purring- it is called “Alice in Dali Land”.

That hand is just begging to be chased, isn’t it? Amd I luuuve that playing card trying to get a ride on that goofy bus! I wonder where he keeps his busfare! Or perhaps cards travel free of charge. I bet they do in Las Vegas . Since they work so hard at the casinos it’s only fair that they get free transport to and from their box of residence. After all they earn one gigantic stream of money for those casino dudes.

And they don’t ever get a change of suits, hehehe!!!

A spade is always a spade, yeah???

Anyway, looking at dude Nelson’s popart I got inspired to have a go myself.  I got a BRILLIANT IDEA! I  thought I’d try my paw at transforming my Birthday portrait. 

 Since I am not sure if I have shown you my portrait I will post it here for you to refresh your memories and of course to ADMIRE:

All  your “OOhhs and AAhhhs” is a perfectly normal reaction …I am a devilishly handsome fella…

The photo of MY ROYAL GORGEOUSNESS is simply perfect just the way it is but I still wanted to try a little artistic experiment. I clicked a few buttons and HEY PRESTO -here is the poparted version of my portrait:

Fancy that- FOUR faboulous versions of me! I think that this is a TERRIFIC piece of art. But  of course the subject was top notch to begin with! Herkules- tres beau et tres photogenique! Dab on the paint and you get something so fresh, so innovative, so Mindblowingly A R T I S T I C !

Gonna lie in front of the computer screen now and try and figure out which of the four versions I like best. And also the portrait  NEEDS A TITLE! Perhaps you guys can think of something and post your suggestions in a comment?

Thank you, Nelson, you were a wonderful source of inspiration even though you ARE ONLY HUMAN



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