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I wrote something here yesterday – but NOW  it has DISAPPEARED!!!
S C A R Y ….Particularly in these “hacking times”….
OR perhaps I forgot to “SAVE”!
Well, I will definately NOT repeat that mistake! I was quite shocked to see that there was no post…...It was all about my birthday portrait and I was so proud of it.
I AM GOING SLIGHTLY MAD coz now I have to rewrite the whole post;
And of course I caught MOM on MY laptop Michaeling again! It really sucks even if I like that dancing and singing MOONWALKER! But he ought to know HIS place. Don’t ever mess with me coz I am TOP CAT!
Thanks to MOM and MOONWALKER  it isVERY late  now  – almost thriller diller time with a moon and all! I LOVE lying in the window on my soft white furry cushions watching the magical light from the sky. So as you can understand  I am far too tired to rewrite my original post….
OMG- I think that my MOM is going to load up the washing machine! She is such a nite owl-even worse than me!
So I love the newly washed clothes and stuff but I HATE  it when that machine starts shaking and quaking like a violent beast!
WHY, why, why…..if .it could shut up and get on with its work instead of making such a big noise about it all.
Sorry guys, I am off to bury my head under the pillows! I have excellent hearing and I want to keep it that way!

However- here is a little something for you to amuse yourselves with.

I think I am gonna learn some of those moves. If a RABBIT can do it so can I!

And remember the SAVE button!

Nite nite!!!



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