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As YOU FELINES all know it was my birthday earlier this month. I T H I N K  I did give it  little shout-out here on my blog… I was soooo excited about it, especially when my MOM and Selma & Charlie were busy wrapping stuff in paper and string …. And my, did they run and hide faster than fastest when I


appeared in the same room as them !!! PURRRRR. That was sure funny and VERY exciting!I tried to keep my eyes closed but there were a few moments when I just HAD TO have a teeny weeny little peak….


Eventually my birthday arrived  warm and sunny! WOW! And very soon it was    PARTY TIME! Time for cake and presseies and guests!

First to arrive straight from his favourite window seat was Charlie Chaplin. Look at him all dressed up in this cute little hat! Aint he purrilicious?


Here is Selma Viktoria  on the table where my tart was supposed to be served! She always manages to land in the centre of things, does Selma!

Look how she put herself all over my birthday cards and my cute little teddy bear!!!Still, she always does a great job entertaining the quests. So I can nip off to have a little catnap should I feel like it!

My MOM and her MOM were also invited and here is the birthday cake they gave me:

My MOM and I blew out the candles together but I was the one who made the WISH. And of course the WISH  will come true because we managed to blow out ALL the candles IN ONE BIG BLOW!

What did I wish? Miauuu, that is MY secret , folks!

BTW Selma was very naughty when she started licking the cream off the cake BEFORE MOM had started to serve the birthday boy and all the guests! Selma is defiantely NO lady!!!

I took a while choosing the right tie for the occasion. I have a few to choose from- all in silk! I am a bit of a dandy and quality is very important to me.

Anyways, guys, I finally settled for the red and gold Hugo Boss schoolboyish striped tie. I think I look pretty cool  and preppy in it don’t you agree??

MANY MANY Purrrrs  for all the lovely greetings and gifts that you all gave me.Wonderful party with so many exciting gifts to play with and eat and look at…

I am very fond of the large portrait that my MOM gave me. A portrait of myself. I will be devoting an entire post to this wonderful and fascinating subject A S A P!

Finally I want to say that I AM SOOOO PROUD to be born in the same month that the States and La France celebrate their birthdays.

VIVE LA Liberte and La Revolution! And all the fantastically crinkly crunchy wrapping paper!

It sure is a B L A S T , felines!



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