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OK, guys, as you all know I am a feline with excellent taste!

I LOVE quality in everything! Soft cushions to snuggle into , a comfy bed to relax on and of course a top of the pops service minded MOM ! Our MOM is simply the best because not only does she make a great  comfy  cushion  she also  realizes and appreciates my exquisite taste in all things bright and beautiful.

Speaking of bright – I simply MUST chase that rainbow beam from the prism in the chandelier that keeps darting across the room…WOw- there it is and I will catch it now! Oh, no, now it has moved to above the piano. Gottcha!

Darned that prism! It e scap ed- again!!!!

Back TO YOU GUYS again! That was fun but JEEZ did I get warm! It is pretty tropical here today even though it is cool in the bedroom. Still- not quite the weather to be running and jumping around in…However, a good rainbow is not to be missed!!!

Today my MOM has been off to an antiues fair so we have been playing around with the Oldie Goldie MOM!

She came over to keep us company so we felt we had to keep her entertained. Actually Selma did most of the entertaining as she always loves putting on a big show when our Mom’s Mom comes over.

 Since it was hot today I just treated the old bird to my intense green-eyed stare so she got out my favourite food- tres rapide!

Then I retired into the bedroom for a leisurely wash  looong snooze. Charlie didn’t do much more than show himself and then he went back to sleep again. He had enjoyed a real busy morning watching some magpies from the kitchen window. He loves magpies beacuse they remind him of himself- black and white rules LOL! He enjoys spending HOURS lying there and watching those silly birds…

Anywys, why do I call this post”Nothing but the best” you might well be wondering??? Well, it is my BIRTHDAY on Saturday so I felt that it would be great to , in a subtle way, tell you that I love quality stuff. Just letting a little hint drop here, simple enough…It’s on Saturday and I will be having a party…and GIFTS are more than welcome!

MOM is coming home! And the Old Bird is about to leave now that she has finished  entertaining us. Mind you, she read a magazine about Interior decorating and then she fell asleep sitting at the kitchen table. So I don’t call that being a great entertainer. We will have to hire that Criss Angel dude if we want to be REALLY entertained. Or the King of Pop if we want to be ROYALLY entertained. 


They are certainly busy jabbering, MOM and her MOM! Twitter twitter twitter! Now MOM is unpacking something she has bought at the antiques fair. Let me see what it is. Oh lookee here:

Sweet! Put it down on the floor, MOM! Underneaththe cute bowl  it says “Royal Albert!” Well, aint that just perfect for me. I think that when MOM has given it a good wash she can put some tunafish in it as I feel like a little light supper now. After all, it has been a pretty busy day so I need something DESLICIOUS served in something that has belonged to a Prince.



NOTHING BUT THE BEST, feline followers!




2 thoughts on “NOTHING BUT THE BEST!”

  1. Happy Birthday Herkules!!!
    Hope you have a nice day with lot of nice mice, birthdaycake and your favourite food!
    Love from
    Judith Dolores

    1. Thank you Judith D. Silvershadow. I am busy having a lovely party and showing off my new theme for my blog right now. I have unpacked a few gifts so far and I love them all! My next post here will be all about my party!

      Have a Purrrfect Saturday, Judith!


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