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Hey guys!

I have been spending the afternoon on my MOM’s Twitter. She has some REAL cool and interesting friends there. HOWEVER- I noticed that there were a few felines following my MOM and in fact she also follows a few herself! I think I need to keep an eye on her so that she doesn’t get caught up in some mischief or other!  It takes a true birdwatcher to be online on a place like that, doesn’t it? Tweet-Tweet-Tweet! Well, they won’t be quite so chirpy when I come around, now will they??? They will have to learn to chirp at my command, seeing that I



Anyways, what I wanted to tell you about was one particular birdy pal of MOM’s who calls himself King of Popart. His real name is Nelson de La Nuez but sold some paintings to Michael Jackson aka King of Pop, hence the name. I find his work entertaining- very colourful and lots to lie and look at on a lazy afternoon in the summer sun while washing the odd paw or two…

Here is one of his paintings that really starts me purring- it is called “Alice in Dali Land”.

That hand is just begging to be chased, isn’t it? Amd I luuuve that playing card trying to get a ride on that goofy bus! I wonder where he keeps his busfare! Or perhaps cards travel free of charge. I bet they do in Las Vegas . Since they work so hard at the casinos it’s only fair that they get free transport to and from their box of residence. After all they earn one gigantic stream of money for those casino dudes.

And they don’t ever get a change of suits, hehehe!!!

A spade is always a spade, yeah???

Anyway, looking at dude Nelson’s popart I got inspired to have a go myself.  I got a BRILLIANT IDEA! I  thought I’d try my paw at transforming my Birthday portrait. 

 Since I am not sure if I have shown you my portrait I will post it here for you to refresh your memories and of course to ADMIRE:

All  your “OOhhs and AAhhhs” is a perfectly normal reaction …I am a devilishly handsome fella…

The photo of MY ROYAL GORGEOUSNESS is simply perfect just the way it is but I still wanted to try a little artistic experiment. I clicked a few buttons and HEY PRESTO -here is the poparted version of my portrait:

Fancy that- FOUR faboulous versions of me! I think that this is a TERRIFIC piece of art. But  of course the subject was top notch to begin with! Herkules- tres beau et tres photogenique! Dab on the paint and you get something so fresh, so innovative, so Mindblowingly A R T I S T I C !

Gonna lie in front of the computer screen now and try and figure out which of the four versions I like best. And also the portrait  NEEDS A TITLE! Perhaps you guys can think of something and post your suggestions in a comment?

Thank you, Nelson, you were a wonderful source of inspiration even though you ARE ONLY HUMAN


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I wrote something here yesterday – but NOW  it has DISAPPEARED!!!
S C A R Y ….Particularly in these “hacking times”….
OR perhaps I forgot to “SAVE”!
Well, I will definately NOT repeat that mistake! I was quite shocked to see that there was no post…...It was all about my birthday portrait and I was so proud of it.
I AM GOING SLIGHTLY MAD coz now I have to rewrite the whole post;
And of course I caught MOM on MY laptop Michaeling again! It really sucks even if I like that dancing and singing MOONWALKER! But he ought to know HIS place. Don’t ever mess with me coz I am TOP CAT!
Thanks to MOM and MOONWALKER  it isVERY late  now  – almost thriller diller time with a moon and all! I LOVE lying in the window on my soft white furry cushions watching the magical light from the sky. So as you can understand  I am far too tired to rewrite my original post….
OMG- I think that my MOM is going to load up the washing machine! She is such a nite owl-even worse than me!
So I love the newly washed clothes and stuff but I HATE  it when that machine starts shaking and quaking like a violent beast!
WHY, why, why…..if .it could shut up and get on with its work instead of making such a big noise about it all.
Sorry guys, I am off to bury my head under the pillows! I have excellent hearing and I want to keep it that way!

However- here is a little something for you to amuse yourselves with.

I think I am gonna learn some of those moves. If a RABBIT can do it so can I!

And remember the SAVE button!

Nite nite!!!


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As YOU FELINES all know it was my birthday earlier this month. I T H I N K  I did give it  little shout-out here on my blog… I was soooo excited about it, especially when my MOM and Selma & Charlie were busy wrapping stuff in paper and string …. And my, did they run and hide faster than fastest when I


appeared in the same room as them !!! PURRRRR. That was sure funny and VERY exciting!I tried to keep my eyes closed but there were a few moments when I just HAD TO have a teeny weeny little peak….


Eventually my birthday arrived  warm and sunny! WOW! And very soon it was    PARTY TIME! Time for cake and presseies and guests!

First to arrive straight from his favourite window seat was Charlie Chaplin. Look at him all dressed up in this cute little hat! Aint he purrilicious?


Here is Selma Viktoria  on the table where my tart was supposed to be served! She always manages to land in the centre of things, does Selma!

Look how she put herself all over my birthday cards and my cute little teddy bear!!!Still, she always does a great job entertaining the quests. So I can nip off to have a little catnap should I feel like it!

My MOM and her MOM were also invited and here is the birthday cake they gave me:

My MOM and I blew out the candles together but I was the one who made the WISH. And of course the WISH  will come true because we managed to blow out ALL the candles IN ONE BIG BLOW!

What did I wish? Miauuu, that is MY secret , folks!

BTW Selma was very naughty when she started licking the cream off the cake BEFORE MOM had started to serve the birthday boy and all the guests! Selma is defiantely NO lady!!!

I took a while choosing the right tie for the occasion. I have a few to choose from- all in silk! I am a bit of a dandy and quality is very important to me.

Anyways, guys, I finally settled for the red and gold Hugo Boss schoolboyish striped tie. I think I look pretty cool  and preppy in it don’t you agree??

MANY MANY Purrrrs  for all the lovely greetings and gifts that you all gave me.Wonderful party with so many exciting gifts to play with and eat and look at…

I am very fond of the large portrait that my MOM gave me. A portrait of myself. I will be devoting an entire post to this wonderful and fascinating subject A S A P!

Finally I want to say that I AM SOOOO PROUD to be born in the same month that the States and La France celebrate their birthdays.

VIVE LA Liberte and La Revolution! And all the fantastically crinkly crunchy wrapping paper!

It sure is a B L A S T , felines!




Such a delicious site, Herkules!


Suits you so well, my wonderful Cool Cat!

And I love the new photo of you too-adorably handsome as always!!!

Here is a little gift to you- from one “cool cat” to another! I know you admire Freddie- you think his voice is ALMOST as good as yours when he sings falsetto! Well here he is singing in a very high voice, just the way you love it!


Huggles & Snuggles


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OK, guys, as you all know I am a feline with excellent taste!

I LOVE quality in everything! Soft cushions to snuggle into , a comfy bed to relax on and of course a top of the pops service minded MOM ! Our MOM is simply the best because not only does she make a great  comfy  cushion  she also  realizes and appreciates my exquisite taste in all things bright and beautiful.

Speaking of bright – I simply MUST chase that rainbow beam from the prism in the chandelier that keeps darting across the room…WOw- there it is and I will catch it now! Oh, no, now it has moved to above the piano. Gottcha!

Darned that prism! It e scap ed- again!!!!

Back TO YOU GUYS again! That was fun but JEEZ did I get warm! It is pretty tropical here today even though it is cool in the bedroom. Still- not quite the weather to be running and jumping around in…However, a good rainbow is not to be missed!!!

Today my MOM has been off to an antiues fair so we have been playing around with the Oldie Goldie MOM!

She came over to keep us company so we felt we had to keep her entertained. Actually Selma did most of the entertaining as she always loves putting on a big show when our Mom’s Mom comes over.

 Since it was hot today I just treated the old bird to my intense green-eyed stare so she got out my favourite food- tres rapide!

Then I retired into the bedroom for a leisurely wash  looong snooze. Charlie didn’t do much more than show himself and then he went back to sleep again. He had enjoyed a real busy morning watching some magpies from the kitchen window. He loves magpies beacuse they remind him of himself- black and white rules LOL! He enjoys spending HOURS lying there and watching those silly birds…

Anywys, why do I call this post”Nothing but the best” you might well be wondering??? Well, it is my BIRTHDAY on Saturday so I felt that it would be great to , in a subtle way, tell you that I love quality stuff. Just letting a little hint drop here, simple enough…It’s on Saturday and I will be having a party…and GIFTS are more than welcome!

MOM is coming home! And the Old Bird is about to leave now that she has finished  entertaining us. Mind you, she read a magazine about Interior decorating and then she fell asleep sitting at the kitchen table. So I don’t call that being a great entertainer. We will have to hire that Criss Angel dude if we want to be REALLY entertained. Or the King of Pop if we want to be ROYALLY entertained. 


They are certainly busy jabbering, MOM and her MOM! Twitter twitter twitter! Now MOM is unpacking something she has bought at the antiques fair. Let me see what it is. Oh lookee here:

Sweet! Put it down on the floor, MOM! Underneaththe cute bowl  it says “Royal Albert!” Well, aint that just perfect for me. I think that when MOM has given it a good wash she can put some tunafish in it as I feel like a little light supper now. After all, it has been a pretty busy day so I need something DESLICIOUS served in something that has belonged to a Prince.



NOTHING BUT THE BEST, feline followers!