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Hey there guys!

Our MOM went on a course last weekend. She was gonna learn to make hats. Well, more like mini cocktail hats not proper fedoras or trilbys.RIDICULOUS stuff that dames plonk on their heads for parties and weddings. I saw some of those at the Royal Wedding and I HAT to look away….Hahaha!!!

Well, MOMSY  was all excited and enthusiastic last Saturday morning because of the hat course – of course!!!

A wee bit hysterical as well, I might add…

It was really most entertaining watching her rushing around the house chasing the small green feathers that she had put ready to take to the course the night before.

Charlie had found them and scattered them all over the bedroom floor. A few were hidden UNDER the bed LOL! Both Charlie and me enjoyed watching her stretching to reach them. Boy, did she get all hot and bothered!!! Purrrrrrrr….

Anyways, off she went and came home a few hours later, tired but inspired! 

She told us she was making a hat in the shape of a green leaf that would be decorated with feathers and some crystal buttons- and perhaps some ribbon. She said it was inspired by Peter Pan, Michael Jackson and Robin Hood!

She told us that we would LOVE it!

Selma, Charlie and I looked sceptical. Feathers, YES, super duper. But we had already had fun with the feathers.. Why stick them on a hat? That would hardly make them more fun  now would it?

And since when did Peter Pan and co do anything to inspire us felines?

 No, EXACTERLEY. Glad you agree, folks!

Sunday morning off she went in a hurry ! We ignored  the alarm! It was “Liberian Girl” and since this is a very relaxing song  we went back to sleep for an hour or so…

And very nice snooze it was too….Dreamt of twittering birds that I was teaching to Moonwalk….

Back from the course with a BIG SMILE on her face our MOM went into twittering overload. She  and OOOHD and she AAAHHD while proudly displaying the “HAT”.

Well, she was welcome to OOHHH and AAAHHH as much as she liked but then she suddenly tried to put the monster on my head.

First I treated her to THE LOOK:

She didn’t quite get it so when the green and weird feathery “MONSTER” approached my head for the second time I took my left front paw and hurled it into the furthest corner of the kitchen. Charlie and Selma watched this drama evolve with great enthusiasm. MOM was a bit perturbed and muttered something about Monster matching my green eyes so perfectly…..

I don’t care! I am NOT doing a PHOTOSHOOT posing as some stupid dame at a Cocktail party! I am a feline superhero for goodness sake! WOLVERINE -that’s me, complete with claws and all!

So I came up with a cunning plan.  With a bit of persuasion I got Reddy Teaddy to do the honours. He may not be the ideal hat model but at least it put a smile on MOM’s face.

OOPPS! As you can see I had a hard time getting Reddy Teddy to say “Cheese”!

But he is giving a salute so he is at least a bit proud of this modelling assignment!

MOM-  next time you decide to make a hat, make it a mini fedora.

 THEN we can start negotiating a photoshoot!





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