I was lying in bed yesterday having a little rest when suddenly I got a rude awakening…

 Wrooom! Wizzzz! Swishhh! Crashhhhh!!! 


A black tail and a head with black ears flashed by, obviously with an important mission….



Is it Charlie Chaplin, my black and white feline brother? Or has he shapeshifted into BATMAN?

This is not the first time he transforms himself almost beyond recognition.

One minute he is lying fast asleep and in the land of dreams, looking SOOO sweet and innocent,

next minute he is racing like a supersonic hero from room to room, chasing imaginary fiends from corner to corner, travelling at the speed of light…


OOOOPS! Now he ALMOST landed on top of me! Mindwhere you go, Charlie, I am not the fiend you are after…

I am your brother Herkules….feel my magic paw!

 WOW! He looked a bit scared and ashamed! Now he’s off again! It’s as if he has been fired up and is ready to take on the world. I admire him because he is such a spunky little guy …

 Small wonder our MOM calls him “Batty boy”! Not only because Charlie acts as if he has gone “batty” but because he might have AMAZING SUPERPOWERS! . And I am also beginning to wonder what he is able to do once he unleashes those magic powers of his.


And just look at his head!  See the black cap and pointy black ears??? He really looks like our friend from the Batcave. I think I will ask MOM to rent one of the Batman movies so I can do some research. Might as well begin with BATMAN BEGINS!

Better leave BATMAN AND ROBIN on the shelf. After all, we don’t want Charlie getting any ideas… You know, taking a Robin “under his wing” so to speak. Bad Bad idea! FELINE bats and robins do not go well together! I guess I will have to use my own special powers to steer my MOM in the right Batman movie direction.

LOL! MOM is lying on the couch watching XMEN II RIGHT NOW! That is so cool! I think I will jump up on her and see what these guys are all about. Hmmmm- Wolverine has some amazing claws there! Almost as good as mine. And MOM she can stir up some Stormy weather herself.

Well, I think I am in for a great afternoon!

HELP! Here he comes again!

Charlie – beware! Remember my name is Herkules- and now I have learnt a few trix from Wolverine as well…








2 thoughts on “BATBOY IN THE HOUSE”

  1. hey there handsome herk, your blog is coming on very nicely indeed! lots of great photos of your good self!!! 🙂

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