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Amazing lazy sunshine day

It is SUNDAY morning and here comes

the S U N !  


 I absolutely LOVE the warm feel of the sun on my fur!

My favourite spot is in the southfacing sitting room window. In the window seat, between some books and a couple of stonefaced lion bookends.They sure could do with some sun those dudes, all greyfaced and glum looking! Anyway, there I lie, I just stretching  out and PURRRRING  with delight! It makes me feel I am KING of the world! I think it is one of my favourite pastimes!

OKAY,  so it is also Charlie’s favourite spot but we will not go into that here and now, please! I MUST concentrate on my sunbathing!

As you my loyal readers know, I have a nice thick fur coat with white woolly undercoat but I still think that the sun is something that really MAKES ME FEEL SOOOOOO

 “the cat’s pyjamas”!


It is an art to lie in the sun ALL day! And , MY FRIENDS, I am a MASTER of this art!

1.First I make sure that I have eaten a good breakfast so that my tummy is satisfied! Today I had tuna from ABBA- the best Swedish canned tuna in water!

2. Then I had a real looong drink of water.

3. Then I decided to have a tiny tiny catnap on top of the LAPTOP before I jumped up into the windowseat. 


See my huge yawn a la Steven Tyler LOL! 


AMAZING how similar I and  Areosmith screamin demon  are!


Poor MOM had to do some work for most of the day so she missed out on a beautiful experience! Still, it is of course important that she is busy earning some cash so that I have luxurious cushions to stretch out  and dream beautiful dreams on!!!

Around 11 a m Mom went off to the shops and I decided to lie there and think about my blog.

HAHAHA!  All of a sudden I felt the warmth spread all over my back, I closed my eyes just for a second or two, and then all of a sudden  I went to sleep! I curled up into a ball and dreamt of butterflies that I kept chasing in the breeze!


Oh, it was so much F U N !

The next thing I knew was the front door opening and my MOM is  coming home from her shopping expedition. WOW! I CAN HEAR THE RUSTLE OF SHOPPING BAGS! M u s t inspect NOW!

AND MY BELLY is rumbling and rumbling after all that chasing around after those fluttery things!

My gosh, time certainly flies when you have fun in the sun!    

Meanwhile- Dream on, Dream on til your dreams come true,  RIGHT?






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