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H E L P!
The housekeeper AKA our MOM took some photos of me the other evening- and that’s OK! As you all know by now  I L O V E posing!

AND-  if I may say so- I am atrue  natural in front of the camera.

There are loads of great photos of me around the house, in gold frames, silver frames, funny frames, heartshaped diamond frames…..

Thanks for all the admiring noises, guys! I love compliments- makes me go all furry and purry…..

The problem is that this particular  photo my MOM took when I was lying in bed, resting after a light snack. There I was drifting off to sleep and dreaming of chasing sweet little lady cats , making my moves and grooves, having a fabolous time.



I felt cramped!  Someone  was bunging me into a horrid beastly gold frame! I felt stuck,  like that little girl Alice  when she suddenly started growing down there in that tiny narrow rabbit hole. I  opened first one eye and then the other, cautiously taking in my surroundings. I could hardly move! I was STUCK, I was trapped inside a stupid horrid NASTY gold frame! 

I suddenly realized  what it must be like to be hanging in an art gallery or a museum. Poor portraits, they are just hanging there waiting for someone to set them free, bring them down off the wall!

I started wrestling and clawing and miauuuwauuuuing- louder and LOUDER and LOUDER!

And  then ALL OF A SUDDEN  I felt a soft hand on my belly and  scent of Dior in nostrils… An anxious voice whispered in my ear ” Herkules, baby, what is wrong? You should never have eaten those 5 shrimps, they are giving you bad dreams!”

 OMG! It was just a DREAM, well a NIGHTMARE  in fact. But nightmares don’t last forever and I simply rolled over and had a ginormous big streeetch  – and realized I was free to rock and roll to my heart’s delight!
Thank you, MOM, I LOVE YOU AND I will NOT chase any other ladies. Not even in my dreams, promise, promise!!!


I have dispersed with those nasty shrimps. How horrid of them to give me a nightmare! I think I will stay away from them for a loooong while.

At least til next week!

Meanwhile- here is something nice for The Lady In MY Life- my MOM!



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