Smooth Criminal Invader


Get off MY site,

MY blog,

MY special place on the web!

TWICE you have taken advantage of me having my M O S T well deserved Apres- New Year vacation!

Darling MOM, I spend my days keeping you inspired and out of dreadful trubble  and nights keeping you warm and providing you with sweetest of dreams-

And THIS IS HOW you repay me?



 a Smooth Criminal

on MY site!

AND this is the THANX I get


I am shocked and disgusted by you, you foul space invader!

I will banish you to another GALAXY at once!

Hokus-Purriokus! Sim-Sala-Bim!


But wait a minute-

I ONLY banish you from here- not from OUR HOME!

I LOVE and NEED my housekeeper, my Cinderella, my leopard in disguise!

MOMSY darling,  actually I find The Smooth Criminal a pretty cool cat for a human- so here you can enjoy him strutting his stuff….


No, that’s N O T  him! Who IS IT  who is invading my space THIS time?

I bet it’s some dude who thinks he will fool me with his invsible lurking on here! Begone, you smirking lurking, slithering SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSNAKE!!!

Here is the ONE AND ONLY  Smooth Criminal!



Hmmm, have to admit he’s got rather good paw control, actually…

Think I might practise the LEAN when nobody’s watching LOL!!! Impress my MOM LOL!

And MOMSY- of course I L.O.V.E. YOU MORE than cupboard love.




PS. I want my dinner now- MY BELLY SAYS IT’S CHICKEN TIME!











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